Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New news from LL Bean today...the new outlet store will be behind the main store instead of where it is now located, across the street and down the hill. The plans will be on display at the Town Hall starting on Tuesday, Sept 5. The time frame for building the new outlet is not complete at this time.

The old outlet will be turned into a parking garage area with lots more shops and a new restaurant.

We'll take a walk down to the Town Hall next week and check out the plans!

For September we are offering an 'at par' rate for our friends from Canada. You may (or may not) know Rock's family is from Canada.

We are definitely heading into Autumn here in Maine. The days are cooler (about 70) and the nights have a definite chill (around 40-50). If you check the weather maps you'll see there are no orange or red colors up this way! Just great cool temps, blue skies and lobster, lobster, lobster!

After the kids head back to school be sure to plan a weekend getaway for October. Best leaf peeping is mid-October! Plan to take a drive along one of many scenic routes and then head back for a wine tasting event at Freeport Cheese and Wine (every 3rd Friday of the month).

Friday, August 25, 2006

We here at White Cedar Inn feel we need to make a stand. It seems a bunch of so-called 'scientists' have declared Pluto is no longer a planet. News to the Plutonians, we're sure. Much the same as governments recognize each other we want to take the time here and now to recognize Pluto as a real planet. One we have known and loved ever since we were little kids.

Why not just say Rhode Island is too small to be a state and have done with it?

Alaska is too big to be state, it should be a country all by itself.

Where does it end? It's just too arbitrary.

It's like what we've done to vowels. You've got A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y. Now it's Mars, Mercury, Earth, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and, sometimes Pluto? Gimme a break!

The Plutonians have set themsleves up with a nice little corner of the universe and we say, 'Let them be!'

For any native Plutonians, we extend this offer...come stay with us, 50 % off, with proper ID.