Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Things about White Cedar Inn

With a nod to the craze on FaceBook for 25 facts about you, here are 25 facts about White Cedar Inn:
  1. The LL Bean Flagship Store is visible from the inn's front porch (only when the leaves are off the trees!)
  2. There are at least 5 restaurants between the inn and LL Bean. We have menus for all of them.
  3. This is the home of Rock's 'world famous' blueberry pancakes.
  4. There is only one gnome in the garden.
  5. The boat paintings and drawings are of the Bowdoin, now the state of Maine's official sailing vessel. (The Bowdoin, originally commissioned by Donald MacMillan, harbors in Castine.)
  6. The inn is centrally located in the southern Mid Coast area, an easy drive to Kittery or Camden.
  7. One of the innkeepers has 10 US patents and several foreign patents.
  8. The inn dog is Bre. She keeps to herself but will be happy to visit if you ask.
  9. There is one acre of landscaped grounds, pull up an Adirondack chair.
  10. One of the young Fogg girls, Lillian, wrote her name in chalk on the brick wall under the porch, which is now the sun room where breakfast is served.
  11. Rear Admiral Donald MacMillan grew up in this house, where he lived with his sister, Letitia and her husband, Winthrop Fogg, after his parents died.
  12. The electrical hookup for the push button call bell is still in the floor of the original dining room. The mechanism is disconnected, so no room service available!
  13. Ask about the visit a spirit medium paid to the inn.
  14. The original birch floors are still in beautiful condition after 120 years. The Parlor Room and the Casco Bay Room both have these floors.
  15. The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum on the campus of Bowdoin College contains artifacts once on display here when Donald MacMillan would give impromptu lectures in his sister's living room.
  16. Once upon a time there was a daycare in the building. We've had several local brides stop by to book the inn for their wedding guests. All of them know where the 'time out' corner is!
  17. Both of the innkeepers are corporate escapees.
  18. This is not the original building on this location. The original building is 4 houses up the street.
  19. The design of the inn building is based on the homes EB Mallett built for the employees of his many industries in Freeport...two of those being shoe making & granite quarrying.
  20. The inn has one dog-friendly room available- The Bowdoin.
  21. Many repeat guests have been coming since 1987 and love to tell stories of watching the original inn owner hanging wallpaper and thawing out frozen pipes the first year the inn was open. We've changed out some of that wallpaper and the pipes haven't frozen on us. Yet.
  22. That 'big construction project' downtown is the new Freeport Village Station shopping center due to open in May, 2009.
  23. The shameless commerce side of me requires that I put in a plug for staying here! We have free WiFi, great breakfasts, off-street parking, all day coffee and tea and a casual, relaxed atmosphere in the 7 non-smoking guest rooms. OK, now I'll stop!
  24. In the dining room we have a painting done by Brad's mother. Brad still lives across the street and I got the painting at a yard sale. (His mother saw me buy it, so it wasn't like that at all!)
  25. We hauled the 'tete-a-tete' on the front porch all the way from VT where we used to use it to sip champagne and listen to the radio to count down to New Year's. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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26. Their little bars of soap smell great!