Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rockport Harbor, Maine

Took a detour off Rt 1 and went through Rockport Harbor. Well, how have we missed this little gem so many times?! This is a tiny park right on the harbor with a lot of history packed into it! Check out the old limekiln right next to the boat ramp. An excellent interpretive sign explains the workings and how the trains brought the lime and granite to the kilns, dropped their load in from above and how the 'finished product' was then loaded onto ships right in the harbor, not 50' from the kilns.

Turn around from reading the sign and across the driveway is the granite statue of Andre the Seal. If you're of a certain age, you'll remember reading about Andre in story books and newspaper articles.

At the end of the parking area, behind the Harbormaster's office, is a small beach and a walking trail. Dogs are allowed but clean-up after your pet is required. Leashes would be a big help in the summer!

If you're headed north from here (or south to here) definitely make this a stop along the way. Pick up a picnic lunch along the way and enjoy watching the world go by. When the boats are all in during the summer, it's a beautiful sight. If you're keeping a checklist of lighthouses, you can see the Rockport Light from the park. (Indian Island Lighthouse)

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