Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Reader's Guide to Maine

Are you a book junkie? Would a search of your suitcase reveal more books than clothing? Do your traveling companions despair when they see a bookstore anywhere nearby? Then this is the map and the vacation for you! Each pin shows the location of where the book took place, where the author lived or wrote or where the book's characters lived. For some 'state-wide' books, one location was chosen at random.

To get a real sense of how place impacts a writer, take a driving tour of some of the more out of the way locations! Seeing the fog roll in on a perfectly clear day or driving through the evergreen forests at dusk brings a deeper understanding of how place is as much a character as the people are. Even sitting quietly in a crowded diner in a big town will give you insight into how a community can shape an author's words.

For a self-guided tour covering more of the state and a lot of writers, check out the map below. The pins are placed as close to the locations as was possible. Some pins are located merely in the town to protect the author's privacy. If you have a favorite author who is missing, let me know, there's always room to add more!

The original idea for the map came from a Sunday Supplement in the Portland Press Herald. Additional books and authors were my idea. See the map description for full details!

View A Book Lover's Tour of Maine in a larger map

Although this map covers a lot of area and a lot of authors, there is one guided tour that you might want to try based on the state's most prolific author's works...The Tommyknockers Tour out of Bangor covers Stephen King's books and characters, as well as the author himself.

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