Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reid State Park, Georgetown, Maine

Continuing the 'vacation in Maine' theme, we hit Popham Beach on Friday and Reid State Park on Sunday. I write about Popham a lot, so just this to say- if you go out on the sand bar near the Morse River, unless it's a really low tide or you want to get wet, there's no way to get back to the main beach except the way you came. THAT was a walk!

We've been timing our trips to the beach for low tide. There's more beach that way! Here we were a couple of hours ahead of low tide, but you can see the more rocky shore along this stretch of Half Mile Beach. Reid State Park is really an excellent place for families as you find more tidal pools and things to discover here.

We pulled in at the trail head for Half Mile Beach (the other access was closed to traffic when we were there). There are snack bars at both parking locations. Restrooms and changing areas are also available here. Both 'sides' of the park have grassy & slightly graveled trails to walk on. But, you know me, I head straight for the water!

piping plovers

And, I wasn't the only one. At the end of the beach, we found this flock of sandpipers. Rock stayed back with Bre while I stood perfectly still until they settled in. They are a riot to watch because they will go right up to the water's edge and when the tide comes in, they race up the beach.

We hiked along the beach to the end, turned and came back. At the end of the beach closest to the parking lot is rocky outcropping you can climb on when it's low tide. (High tide and waves make it pretty slippery and unwalkable, but there is a path around the snack bar that takes you to the other beach.)

Where, apparently, the cast of Survivor was encamped, if the found structures are any indication. Immunity anyone? 'Cuz without it, this is where you get voted off to...

Over the dunes behind this lean-to is a tidal pool that is a great place for kids to swim if you want them to not be in the surf. The water is usually warmer in the tidal pool than in the ocean (where it is never 'warm') but don't plan on 80 degree water in either location!

There are great places to stop along the way and take photos while you're walking around the park. Definitely a whole day excursion. Pack a picnic lunch or just cruise the snack bar for refreshments. Bring a blanket, some beach chairs, toys and an umbrella and you're set for a day at the beach!

And don't forget, you can continue on down the islands to Five Islands Lobster for dinner!

Directions: On Rt 1 heading north from here, cross the Sagadahoc Bridge in Bath and turn right immediately at the end of the bridge. Turn left at the stop sign and continue on 127 until you see the huge American flag painted on the rock wall. Turn right, the road ends at the park. To go to Five Islands Lobster, just stay on 127 until your hat gets wet, then back up...you're there.

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