Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ogunquit's Marginal Way, Maine

Marginal Way
Road trip today down to Crate & Barrel in Kittery and then off to Stonewall Kitchens for lunch! I had the chicken salad wrap and Rock had the Italian Panini special. Yum!

Of course, if we're all the way down there, I have to stop in Ogunquit to either walk on the beach or the Marginal Way. Today we drove down to Perkins Cove and walked from there back into town via the Marginal Way.

Wow! What a lot of work has been done there since the last time I walked the path! It's wonderful. It's obvious the town and the Marginal Way supporters have a real love for that area. I really like how almost all of the benches now have a nice 'landing pad' of stone they are sitting on. It's truly beautiful!

When you're headed up this way, or headed back home, be sure to take a detour to walk along this beautiful trail along the coast. (Not suggested July-September. The traffic is wicked bad.) For a similar walk, albeit shorter, you can try the trail for the Giants Stairs on Bailey Island.

We squeaked in under the wire as no dogs are allowed starting April 1. For good reason, too, the trail is just too narrow for people with dogs on leashes to be manoeuvering. For the same reason, it's not the best walk for baby strollers, either. Today there were all sorts of walkers out there...locals, tourists, kids, seniors, the gamut. And, as we find most everywhere, there was a friendly 'hi' from everyone.

It's a walk I love to take. My mother likes it, too. Which is why I, rotten kid that I am, called her from one of the benches and told her I was at her favorite place in Maine. 'The Marginal Way??? You're not!!!' Yup, Mom, I was. I'll send her the link to this so she can see the pix. Rotten, rotten child.

Ogunquit Beach

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