Thursday, December 29, 2011

Freeport, Maine Kid Things to Do

Freeport Maine Lobster petting zoo.

Always looking for things to do with kids in Freeport. Although the lobster petting zoo is no longer, kids can still get to see and touch lobsters at a variety of places. (And not just on their plates at a restaurant!)

This is a fairly rare, 2-toned lobster. It was 2-toned on the underside as well, even the 'meat' not just the shell. There were also blue lobsters and calico lobsters in the tank. (The squiggly white lines are a reflection of the overhead lights on the water, not some weird life form!)The lobsters here are fed haddock. In the wild they'll go after any kind of bait fish.

Other ideas for things to do with kids while you're on vacation in Freeport:

  1. Help catch the lobsters on a lobster boat cruise.
  2. Check out the migration of the alewives in May & June.
  3. Make sand castles, play in the waves, head to the beach.
  4. Deliver the mail to the Casco Bay Islands on the mail boat.
  5. Find animal tracks in the snow, learn to snowshoe.
  6. Check out the old time cars, planes, motorcycles and more.
  7. Build a fairy house out in the woods.
  8. Sweat it out in the desert.
  9. Lots of kid-tested things to do around Freeport! Just ask.

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