Sunday, March 07, 2010

Casco Castle, South Freeport, Maine

Casco Castle
Yesterday I drove to the end of Wolfe Neck Rd just to see where it went. Where it goes is to the Stone House, a conference center belonging to USM (University of Southern Maine). While I was turning around, I looked across the inlet and there was the Casco Castle. I'm not exactly sure if I'd ever seen it before, but now that I had, I was on the lookout for the best vantage points from which to see it from land. The best vantage point would be from a kayak!

The castle is located on private property now, but there are great places around the bay from which to catch a glimpse of it. While looking for some more information I came across this fantastic blog that has hundreds of old postcards and photos of the castle, the grounds, the buffalo, downtown Freeport and much more. Definitely give this blog a look if you're interested in Freeport and South Freeport as they used to be!

Another spot for more information about this amusement park from the heyday of the trolley car and train vacation is the Freeport Hisorical Society's page about the castle.

If you're not ready to hit the water to see the castle tower, I found another great spot at the end of Staples Point Rd in Winslow Park. From the very end of the park (follow the road that runs along the left side of the house that is in the middle of the park) you can see across to the Stone House and back to the Town Dock. Continuing the sweep to the left, you'll see the castle tower across the Harraseeket River. (You can see the top of the tower just to the left of center, rising above the tree line.)

Across the Harraseeket
This is a walk worth taking just for the scenery and serenity. At the very end of the point, there are benches to sit on and contemplate the bay. Today there were a lot of waterfowl around every corner. I also saw one downy woodpecker and 2 heron-like birds that I couldn't get close enough to id. Not to mention, but I will, the crows!

BTW, we have a small collection of 4 postcards in the Casco Bay Room. One postcard in the collection is of the Casco Castle and another one shows a view from the tower.

Winter photo of the castle with the new telephoto lens.

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Anonymous said...

My son and i went drivin around yesterday and he saw the castle so i pulled over and was able to get a very good pic of the top of it