Friday, August 01, 2008

Freeport Farmers Market Opens!

Today was the grand opening of the new Freeport Farmers Market at the corner of West and Main Streets. The property is owned by Thomas Moser and has been under renovation since last year when the old Button Store was dismantled and moved off site. A second building was torn down.

The property now has a granite sculpture at the corner and beautifully crafted stone walls all around. The grass must have had its first mowing this morning, everything was perfect!

I, for one, am glad that the FEDC (Freeport Economic Development) worked to get a farmers market in town. It shows that Freeport is also focusing on the locals and not just tourists. Not to say tourists won't stop by to see what is on offer, but a farmers market always connotes a vibrant local community.

I stopped by today to see for myself what was to be had. Even though we get our week's veggies and flowers at Laughing Stock Farm it's good to check and see what other farmers are offering. I couldn't pass up fresh blueberries and corn from Jillsons Farm in Sabattus. Those blueberries were calling my name. They DID make it home, but didn't last an hour once they got there. I even sprinkled them on my salad! It doesn't even matter that they're good for me, they just tasted wonderful! I also got 6 ears of corn that will be getting cooked up for my lunch over the next couple of days.

They tried to convince me to buy more because corn chowder would be a great breakfast item, but I just couldn't see that! Those scallions in the photo are ginormous!

One of our guests put me on to the next vendor I stopped to speak with...Casco Bay Soaps. Wow! Did it ever smell good at this booth! Shannon has so many different varieties of handmade, vegetable oil soaps that you could create a different mood every morning for weeks. Just a few of these fragrances are enough to make you want to move to Maine just to be near the nature they evoke: Wild Sea Rose, Sea Shore Scrub, Blueberry Cream, Maine Pine, Lavender and others. If you love her soaps but didn't buy enough at the market, she will also ship to you!

There were also several alpaca farms represented today. Have you ever touched the alpaca fibers? There is nothing like them for sheer luxury in an affordable price point. This is a perfect spot for knitters to stop by to see what they have for the coming winter scarf, sweater and mitten brigade!

Had to sample the olive oils and balsamic vinegars on display as well. Kalamata olives were available by the pound and half pound. Because I arrived on the late side of the market hours (around 4:45), some vendors had packed up just as I arrived so I didn't get to sample everything. Note to self...don't be late next week!

I'll leave you with one last photo and the admonition to NOT miss this farmers market every Friday afternoon from 1-5 PM at the corner of West St and Main St (at the traffic light by the firehouse).

THIS little piggie went to the market...