Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lobster Boat Cruise

lobsteringMeasuring the lobster

So, I finally went and did something I've been telling all of you to go do for years- I went out on the Lucky Catch lobster boat cruise.

I called kind of late in the day (I don't recommend doing that!) and got in on the Seal Watch cruise at 3:45 PM (times change, so be sure you know what time you are going out).

It was calm and cool out on the Casco Bay. We headed out from the pier and passed some windjammers, an oil tanker, the Casco Bay Ferry, sailboats and more. It's a gorgeous hour and half out on the water.

I would definitely recommend it for families with kids 7 and up. You learn about the lobsters, get to help bait the traps, measure the lobsters in the traps, throw back the small fry and get a fun educational experience about the life of a lobsterman/woman. If you have a place to cook up your lobsters, you can buy them right off the boat. Yup, the ones you just hauled in.

Lots more gets caught in the trap than lobsters so you'll get to see crabs, sea cucumbers, sea worms and more.

I won't spoil your day out by telling you everything in advance. Just take a look at some of the pix I took and give us a call to schedule a 'Lobsterman for a Day' Package as part of your stay with us.

lobster boatPushing the reset traps back in.

sexing lobstersBoy or girl lobster?

seagullsWhat happens when you dump the bait bag overboard.

seals and cormorantsSeals and cormorants.

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