Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Year in Numbers- 2010

It's that time of year, when I sit down and come up with the oddly amusing 'tale of the tape'. The numbers game. How much of this and that.

Here's a link to last year's numbers (for those keeping track!). Some of the categories changed this year. I like to think up new things to count!

So, in no particular order...the year in numbers:

  • Longest stay- 7 nights (a tie)
  • Pounds of bacon cooked- 40 (BTW, this year -2011- we are going to have a 'Bacon Week' where we serve bacon in a variety of different ways for 7 days. Feb 11-17.)
  • Pounds of coffee brewed- 50
  • Oldest guest and youngest guest- 89 (again, she told us, we didn't ask!) and 3 months.
  • Guests from farthest away- Australia
  • Number of miles I walk to serve breakfast (full house)- 2.1 miles
  • Number of new breakfast recipes- 3 (Tuscan scrambled eggs, Apple pie & eggnog french toast and blueberry & lemon french toast.
  • Number of guests- 2295 (you were counted more than once if you stayed more than one night)
  • Where in the world did you all come from?
  1. US- 82%
  2. Canada- 10%
  3. Italy- 2%
  4. Australia- 1%
  5. Germany- 1%
  6. UK- 1%
  • Where in the US did you all come from?
  1. MA- 17%
  2. NY- 11%
  3. CT- 8%
  4. ME- 7% (highest ever)
  5. PA- 7%
  6. NH- 5%
  7. IL- 4%
  8. CA- 3%
  9. NJ- 3%
  10. VA- 3%
  11. FL- 3%
  12. GA- 3%
(Let me throw out a challenge here to those states we didn't even hear from at all last year- what are you waiting for ID, ND, SD, DE, MS, NE, OR, HI, MT, NV, WI & WY. This is your year!)
  • Number of days in a row with guests in the house- 132. (Took me seriously last year, didn't you? Last year it was 79 and I challenged you to beat that.)
  • Fewest guests in the house on any given day? 1. And this year as last, it is the SAME person! (He also has the distinction of being the last person we see before we close up for January and the first person we see when we open up again in February!)
Thanks everyone for continuing to come back every year so we HAVE numbers to play with! Looking forward to seeing you this year. This year's new breakfast experiment will be crepes. I even bought Rock a crepe pan.

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