Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Owl's Head WinterFest

Lombard Log Hauler
So, we didn't exactly have the best weekend on record for the WinterFest but we love the Transportation Museum and had a great time anyway.

Above is a photo of the Lombard Steam Log Hauler. Quite a marvel of engineering as it is a 'put together' rig comprising parts of a train engine, a wooden cab, a track system and, in snow, a set of 'skis' on the front. (No snow this day so there were wheels affixed instead.) The log hauler did a loop around the grounds while a Model T Ford gave rides and a modified Model T sno'chine gave rides along a snowy track.

Model T
model T snow

Another fun option was a flight in this Piper Super Cub:

Piper Super Cub
All in all, even without the benefit of snow, it was a great day at the Museum.

Next time you're in town, plan a trip to the Museum as part of your Freeport getaway. We have discounted tickets here to purchase, or book one of our shopping packages that include a trip to the museum!

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