Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Find It Used in Freeport!

So, last week I decided to check out all the cool places in Freeport to find the antique, unique and off the beaten path kinds of fun stuff you love to bring home from a vacation. And, it doesn't hurt that you're supporting local small businesses, artists and crafters. All of the businesses, and one non profit, mentioned below are owned and operated by local folks with a passion for what they do.

Without further ado - Freeport's Antiques and Uniques: (click the pin to show the detail or click the list link at the far left on the map)

A cool map of secondhand, used, antique and unique shops in Freeport, Maine.

The map above is laid out to start at White Cedar Inn. All of the pins have the address of the business and distance from here. Total distance from A to J? 4 miles. Easy peasy. 

Starting at J and working back, we have Pillars Antiques. 125A US Rt 1 Freeport, Maine 207-869-5164 At the Big Indian.

A remarkable collection of indoor and outdoor furnishings and decorative arts. Laid out in 'rooms' so you can get a sense of how everything will look. Lots of little nooks and crannies. Go ahead, poke around!

You can also stop here for lunch at the Old World Deli or dinner at Conundrum. (Caveat - Google maps, and possibly some GPS units think this address is in South Freeport, it is not.)

Pillars Antiques
Who doesn't need a mask to hang on the wall?

Pillars Antiques
Wonderful summer furnishings for your porch

Next stop is I - Two Brothers Books. 176 US Rt 1 Freeport, Maine 207-865-9524 

I have avoided stopping in here for 11 years. Why? I'm a book hound. I figured if I ever went in I'd never come out. As it is, I went in just for you, dear reader. (Ha! Do you really believe that?) Of course, I found books I knew they would have and that I should just have picked up years ago. Namely, some copies of books by Donald MacMillan and his wife, Miriam. Not to mention the miles of books I didn't stop to admire. Although, I was particularly taken with the novel (ha, ha) use of old closets for various book genres. I have to check out the postcard collection next time. I love framing the old scenes of Freeport and hanging them in the guest rooms here.

If you're a book fiend, plan a few hours in here, it goes on for miles. As a good old used bookstore should.

Two Brothers Books
The shelves go on forever.

Onward to H - Maine Wicked Goods Mercantile. 304 US Rt 1 Freeport, Maine 207-869-5251 

This is your Freeport home for all things Moxie. That's what I thought going in. Little did I know they also have a large collection of Chart jewelry, Lobstering Is An Art note cards, and Buoy Bob's Buoy Bats along with their ever-expanding collection of oddities, antiques and uniques. 

Need an antique hooked rug? Carved shore bird for the mantel? A set of juice glasses and pitcher with camels painted on them? This is the place for you! And don't forget to pick up the Moxie while you're here.

Maine Wicked Goods Mercantile
Hooked rugs galore.

Maine Wicked Goods Mercantile
Wicked good 'aht'.

Maine Wicked Goods Mercantile
Chart jewelry - a lovely gift for the person who's far away from Maine.

Next up is G - Freeport Emporium 291 US Rt 1 Freeport, Maine (Google maps also thinks this location is in South Freeport, it is not.)

Housed in exactly the kind of old barn you know has the sweetest finds, Freeport Emporium has 2 floors of everything you might think you want in an antiques, uniques and flea market type setting. Including some uniquely repurposed skis, gas cylinders and more.

Had I not been on a quest to get to each of these different stores in under an hour, I could have poked around in here for the full hour and then some! It's always fun to see how creative people can take something useless (beat up stereo cabinet) and turn it into something funky and functional (drinks trolley).

Things move quickly here, so don't dither! You see it, you like it, you buy it.

(Side trip - about 30 feet - stop in at Shard Pottery down the driveway to the right.)

Freeport Emporium
Even the layout is inviting.

Freeport Emporium
You know you need that tres 90's wedding dress!

Freeport Emporium
School of fish? Yeah, they have that.

Moving on is F - Great Stuff! 475 US Rt 1 Freeport, Maine 207-865-1000

Great Stuff! is a consignment store where you'll find lots of interesting newer pieces and refurbished older furnishings. Most items are in their original condition although, again, crafty folks have converted some kind-of-blah pieces into fun decor.

Getting a little peckish after your hours of traversing all these neat second hand stores? Pop into the Sunrise Cafe for lunch. Or, across the street at Cindy's for lobster or clam roll. You're also close to Maine Beer and Buck's BBQ. (More on drinking your way through Freeport in another blog.)

Nearby is E - Sweet Repeats Children's Clothing Consignment. 554 US Rt 1 Freeport, Maine 207-869-5179

Full disclosure, I've not stopped in here. Yet. There are no little ones growing out of clothes every month here. However, I've heard good things from guests who've happened on the shop while poking around in Cuddledown or popping into Buck's for a brew. It makes no sense to pay full price for little kid's clothing when you know, you just know, they are going to have messy fun in that cute little $88 Lilly Pulitzer overall set two minutes after you let them out of the house!

Getting closer to the inn is D - Annie's Book Stop 18 Independence Dr Freeport, Maine 207-865-3406

This is my go to used bookstore for reading material for my book group. It's close enough that I can go out for a walk and accomplish several things at once: exercise, poking around in a book store and carting home some new favs. You can also trade in books here.

Next up is C - Freeport Community Thrift Shop 53 Depot St Freeport, Maine 207-865-3985

The small thrift shop filled with clothing right at the entrance is only the beginning. Downstairs is where they store the big pieces like furniture, lamps, art work and dishware. Don't forget to check out the senior's little section at the top of the stairs. I've gotten some cool (new) Maine tote bags there!

Almost home now, B - New Beginnings Consignment Boutique 27 Bow St Freeport, Maine 207-865-7078

Adult clothing, shoes, jewelry and more. Follow them on Facebook! They'll let you know when a big consignment has come in, like a couple of years ago when they got bags of cashmere and wool sweaters just in time for fall. I scored a funky Woolrich sweater with sheep on it.

OK, now we're headed back to the inn with tons of fun and funky Maine gifts for friends and family. Oh, what's that you say, you bought it all for yourself? Not to worry, there's always tomorrow.

Many of these stores do not have websites, but quite a few have Facebook pages. Look them up and follow them online for insider tips on new items in stock! Be sure to say White Cedar Inn sent you when you wander into one of these eclectic shops!

White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast 178 Main Street Freeport, Maine 04032

Did I miss something? Let me know!