Friday, April 04, 2008

10 Things to See and Do on Route 1

OK, here it is, the long-awaited '10 Things to Do on Route 1'. Two weeks ago we drove from Freeport to Camden and these are some things we stopped to do along the way. Some are just fun places I thought you'd like to visit and others are places we always like to go. Read away! It's a 2 hour drive from here to Camden, give or take, depending on traffic. Sometimes we can make it in an hour and a half. The mileages I listed are from the front door of our place, White Cedar Inn. (Click the bold names for links to their websites.)

  1. Frost Gully Gallery (Freeport)- An eclectic mix of artists. Gallery open 12-5, weekdays. Just 1 mile from here.
  2. Shelter Institute (Woolwich)- Learn how to build your own timberframe house at one of their classes, buy the tools you need or just revel in the joy of the home building craft at its finest. 23 miles from here.
  3. Montsweag Flea Market (Woolwich)- Mostly outdoors, some tables under cover. Seasonal, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 6:30 AM (yes, AM!) to 3 PM. 23 miles from here, just past the Shelter Inst, on left.
  4. Avalon Antiques Market(Wiscasset)- 3 floors of everything you could imagine. I went back yesterday to buy a pair of 'Feathered Bird' pictures that Rock really liked that we had seen on the trip to Camden. They are simply a painted backdrop on which are added 'birds' made with real feathers. Why he likes these 'works of art' is anyone guess, but he does! My friend, Shellie, (see Claiborne House blog) said they were generally made in the Philippines and were a common wedding gift from 1920-1940. Oh joy, there must be millions of them out there. 25 miles from here.
  5. Red's Eats - famous for years, this really is worth the stop for one of the best lobster rolls we've ever had. Seasonal. 37 miles from here. 
  6. Fawcett's Toy Museum (Waldoboro)- We haven't stopped in here, yet, but are planning to do so before summer. It just sounds too interesting to miss! Seasonal. 49 miles from here.
  7. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks (Warren)- I have heard grown men wax lyrical about this 'tool shop'. It's a toy box for the serious wood crafter. 8:30 AM- 5 PM, M-F, Saturday hours in July & August only. 50 miles from here.
  8. Maine State Prison Store (Thomaston)- There are some truly unique items in this store. Even if you aren't planning on buying anything, you should at least stop by to see the 'Biker & Mermaid' carving in the window. Open daily 9-5, with holiday and snow day exceptions. 57 miles from here.
  9. Maine Lighthouse Museum (Rockland)- For the lighthouse lover! Check hours before stopping in.
  10. Down East Magazine (Rockport)- You've read the magazine for years, now's the time to stop in and look over all those books you keep meaning to order!
And that's it...10 things to do between here and Camden. Of course, that is a really, really short list!

Happy travels!

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Unknown said...

I love it!

Now that list is sell-worthy! You have made it very easy for those to plan their next vacation to start out from White Cedar Inn and head on up to Camden. Thanks for that. I will keep my eyes peeled for your "Off Route 1" list of things to see and do.

Apprecate it. EB