Sunday, March 25, 2012

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

West Quoddy Lighthouse
West Quoddy Head Light

One of the most photographed lighthouses in Maine is the West Quoddy Head Light. Standing at the easternmost point in the contiguous US, the land mass you see behind the lighthouse is Campobello Island, New Brunswick. 

Technicality- the easternmost point in the United States is actually in Alaska. West Quoddy is the easternmost point on the mainland in the contiguous US states. AK also holds the westernmost record for a US state. Ditto northernmost! I could continue by pointing out there is a tiny island off the coast of the lighthouse grounds that is farther east, but this could go on forever! And then, Eastport holds claim to the easternmost city in the contiguous US states, whereas Lubec is the easternmost town. I have to stop now I'm getting dizzy!

How about some photos instead of geography lessons! The rest of the photos were taken in the West Quoddy Head Park. We did not go far down the trail, which is several miles long, but turned around to head off to Campobello Island.

Click on photos to make them larger.

west Quoddy Park
Stairs to the cobble beach.

Lubec, Maine
Rocky coastline.

cobble beach
I'm in heaven...a beach full of rocks!

buoy in Quoddy Narrows
Quoddy Narrows.

clear water off West Quoddy
West Quoddy Lighthouse.

View from West Quoddy trail
On the cliffs.

rocky shoreline Maine
Distant shores.

sea urchin on cobble beach Lubec, Maine
Sea urchin on cobble beach.

clam trapped in seaweed roots.
Weird beach stuff! Arctica islandica trapped in roots.

West Quoddy channel
Off the coast of Maine.

How to get here: Rt 1 north to Rt 189 (Lubec County Rd). Follow signs for lighthouse. (This is 5 hours from here, so not really a day trip!)

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