Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We finally made the trek down Rt 1 to the Big Indian to have dinner at Conundrum. It was a Tuesday night and we were rather surprised, this late in the year, to see the parking lot quite full. Then we realized the license plates were all from Maine. Good sign.

Walking through the front door we were pleased by the jazz music, large bar and happy crowd. This was definitely a professional crowd stopping in for relaxed drinks and appetizers before heading home or heading out for the evening.

Conundrum has an extensive wine list and cocktail selections were au courant. We started with a glass of pinot noir for me and a Guinness for Rock. Our appetizer of salmon crostini was tasty and understated. The bread had a wonderful crust and was the perfect complement to the salmon.

For our entrees we selected the Sweet Sausage Puttanesca and the Moroccan Pork with Tarragon Carrots and Mashed Potatoes. The puttanesca was hearty (as the name implies) and the rigatoni was al dente. The pork was a tad overcooked but the Mango Chutney served with it was sweet and zesty. The tarragon carrots were about twice the size of 'baby carrots' and still had a bit of greenery on the top. Quite tasty.

The service at Conundrum was attentive and helpful but not overbearing. The price was right as well, setting us back a mere $60, including tip. This is definitely on our list of places to go for dinner or just a few drinks and appetizers.

Rt 1 South at the Big Indian in Freeport, Maine.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Bridgham & Cook Ltd, the British Goods shop, has moved its location from Bow Street to Main Street, right next door to Foreside Company. Walked by today and they have a large assortment of tea biscuits in the front window. Perfect season for a hot cuppa with biscuits by the fire! The original shop suffered smoke and fire damage earlier this fall.

Other news...The Blue Onion on Lower Main Street has been razed to make room for Antonia's Sports Bar. Not sure when that is scheduled to be built as the sign has been there quite a long time now.

There is some hustle and bustle in the former Freeport Flower Shop, also on Lower Main St and in front of Grittys. Looks like a clothing store is going in...more details next time I drive by. (Rapid River Clothing and Accessories is the name of the shop that has moved in.)

Jameson Tavern has been getting rave reviews for their lobster stew. Everyone is thrilled with 'how much lobster' is in the stew. 'Large chunks, looks like a whole claw in there,' was the most popular comment this past weekend. Also getting raves was the prime rib.

Azure Cafe has won the Chowdah Challenge held at the new Freeport Community Center. Azure is hanging on to that award, which they have won 3 years running. Azure's executive chef, Chris Bassett, was also featured on '207', Maine's local living show.

Fall is definitely prime time for delectable foods in Maine!