Monday, March 01, 2010

Motorcycling in Maine

Antique motorcycles at Owl's Head.
Seeing these motorcycles at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum made me think of Spring. Not to mention seeing 2 motorcyclists out last week just before it snowed here. It's getting to be that time of year again, when the bikes are washed and polished and made road-ready again in anticipation of Maine's not-too-short motorcycle season. After all, there is that guy I see on I 95 every winter who doesn't seem to be deterred by anything but ice.

The state of Maine publishes a neat Motorcycle rides map. It includes a map of the state with scenic routes marked out and different events taking place along the routes throughout the bike riding season. There are lists of historic sites, museums, lodging, dining and more. Unlike a typical road map, this one has photos of cyclists at different venues along the way, motorcycle safety tips, the phone number for weather conditions (5-1-1, in case you were reading this along the road), and the locations of many hospitals along the way (and the hope you don't need any of them!) You can pick up a map at most tourist info centers in Maine.

We're at the confluence of 3 of the routes:

  • Portland to Sanford (228 miles)
  • Brunswick to Rockland (219 miles)
  • Kittery to Falmouth (70 miles)
Any one, or all, of those routes could easily start or end in Freeport. Hope to see you soon! (In case you're wondering, we did have a motorcycle when we got here 6 years ago. For the 'rest of the story' click here.)

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