Friday, February 01, 2013

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

rockland breakwater lighthouse
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
We finally made it to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse! We've driven past it so many times and just never stopped. But on Tuesday, as we headed north on vacation, there it was out in the harbor, calling to us. And when we're on vacation, we go where our whimsy takes us!

The above photo was taken almost at the end of the breakwater, just before we got to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is open for visits on weekends during the summer and on special occasions.

rockland breakwater high tide
Canada geese over the breakwater at high tide

The granite breakwater is 7/8 of a mile long and you DO have to walk back! We went as the tide was going out but we could certainly see where the waves had broken over the breakwater at high tide. Not a lot of flora and fauna at this time of year, but we did see broken sea urchin shells along the top as well as some sea ducks and gulls. This is an excellent year round location for sighting a variety of sea birds. 

rockland breakwater at sunset
Breakwater Lighthouse at sunset.

Not a lot of foot traffic on the breakwater so it was a nice stroll. A little bit of history took 18 years to build the breakwater, from 1881 to 1899. A small beacon was moved to the end of the finished breakwater 4 times during the construction. More history can be found here.

So you have an idea of how far it is from the lighthouse back to the shore, the 2 figures seen walking back are about 1/3 of the way on their return trip. Now you know what a mile looks like!

rockland breakwater lighthouse
Looking back toward shore from the lighthouse.
Directions from White Cedar Inn: Turn north on Rt 1. Drive approx 59 miles to the town of Rockland, stay on Rt 1. Just north of downtown, turn right on Waldo Ave. Follow signs for Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Museum is straight ahead (toward the harbor) just before you make the left turn in Rockland to stay on Rt 1.

rockland breakwater at night
Breakwater at night, fog rolling in.

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caite said...

next time I am up your way, maybe in the spring, I will have to check out that lighthouse. I am a big lighthouse fan but I have never been to that one...yet.