Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Cookie Exchange- December Recipe of the Month

Cookie Exchanges are everywhere this year! Here are some links to some of the best cookie recipe sites around. Enjoy!

Hope you find at least ONE recipe in here to call your own this year!

2 comments: said...

LOVE making cookies (or biscuits, as we call them over here!). Don't think we have Cookie Exchanges in Britain or Ireland - is it just how it sounds, i.e. everyone bakes cookies then they all try some of everyone elses? If so, that sounds great!

Monica said...

Yes, it's exactly like that! A couple of different ways to do it...invite a group of friends over and ask them each to bring a couple of dozen cookies along. Arrange all the cookies on a festive table. Give each guest a cute, Christmas-themed tin and have them go around and take a few cookies from every plate.

Or, have the cookie exchange be at some shops in town or in a neighborhood where everyone goes door to door with their own tin handing out cookies they've baked in exchange for cookies the shopkeepers or homeowners baked.

No matter how, it's always fun to have the recipes included!