Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shakespeare in the Park

No, not the very famous one in NYC, but the soon-to-be-famous version happening right here in downtown Freeport! The Freeport Shakespeare Festival debuts August 3-6, 2010. Free. The Tempest

Combining the outdoor ambiance of the LL Bean's Discovery Park and the works of the master playwright, Wm Shakespeare, is the task before the Festival committee. The venue is perfect and the works themselves have certainly stood the test of time!

For more information, to support the Festival and to find employment before and during the festival, check out the Freeport Shakespeare Festival's website!

White Cedar Inn is just a short, 2 block stroll to the park! Plan a picnic to enjoy during the show. Don't forget your lawn chair or blanket! We hope to see you here and at the show!

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