Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo Booth

Amelie used the photo booth to arrange meetings
Warhol used the photo booth as art
 Here's a blast from the past...remember when every kid in the country didn't have access to a camera? Remember when the only way you could goof around taking photos of yourself and your friends was at the photo booth at Woolworth's? (Remember Woolworth's?!)

Introduce your kids to the fun and excitement of a photo booth! There's one in the children's dept at LL Bean.
photo booth

BTW, found out from some guests who stayed with us that there are portable photo booths you can rent. Great idea for a wedding or big anniversary party! Get creative in your four frames!

I'm gonna go dig out the pix I have of me & my friends from 8th grade. We took a bus and went shopping on Fordham Rd. I remember getting the grooviest bell bottoms at Alexanders Dept Store and cramming into the booth to take those pix. Where are those friends now?

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