Tuesday, June 24, 2014

W is for Whale Watching

fin back whale boothbay harbor maine
Fin back whale calf

Glorious day for a whale watch! Temps in the high 60's and a brilliant blue sky. I have never been whale watching before. The only other chance I had to see whales was on the old Scotia Prince between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Portland, Maine. I slept through it. Turns out I'm not such a good sailor after all.

So, here I was now, packing sugared ginger and crackers just in case. Figured if I took Dramamine I'd fall asleep! (NOT an old wives' tale - ginger really does settle your stomach.)

Where to go for whale watching:

Odyssey Whale Watch out of Portland on Long Wharf. (20 minutes from here)
Cap'n Fish's out of Boothbay Harbor (45 minutes from here)
Bar Harbor Whale Watch out of Bar Harbor (not a day trip from here!)

Below are some photos I took from the Odyssey boat. My suggestion? Whale watch in June, July & August along the southern coast. Mid Coast and Down East from June thru September, possibly later. Of course, they are wild animals and they are not fed or coerced by humans to stay in a particular location. They go where the food goes so seeing whales is not guaranteed no matter when you go out.

islands off the coast of Maine
Far off islands off the coast of Maine

Spring Point Ledge Light
Spring Point Ledge Light

windjammer and ft scammell
Windjammer with Ft Scammell in the background.

Bug Light South Portland
Bug Light in South Portland
Make sure you are dressed for the boat! It can get rough so you need decent shoes with good traction. I will say that the couples and families who boarded in shorts and tank tops spent most of the trip inside shivering. Bring a jacket! Sunscreen is a must! Yes, I sound like my mother!


Here is the second whale watch I went on - Cap'n Fish's boat the Pink Lady II -

Burnt Island Light Boothbay Harbor
Burnt Island Light Boothbay Harbor

Cuckolds Light Boothbay Harbor
Cuckolds Light Boothbay Harbor

Fin back whale
Fin back whale

Sailing in Boothbay Harbor
Sailing in Boothbay Harbor

And here's a photo from last year's puffin watch where I saw a pod of Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins.

Atlantic white sided dolphons Muscongus Bay
Dolphin pod in Muscongus Bay

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