Friday, November 16, 2007

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and environs:

Pemaquid Point Light
Pemaquid Point Light

We took a quick break this past Monday and Tuesday and headed up the coast to Damariscotta.
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Of course, when in Damariscotta, you have to take Rt 130 out to Pemaquid Point. This is the lighthouse on the Maine State quarter. I've wanted to head up this way for a long time. I've heard the crashing ocean waves on the rock outcroppings are pretty fantastic. We were there at low tide on a beautifully calm day, so the crashing was at a minimum. Great for us because we got to climb down on the rocks and get some great pix!

The lighthouse proper is closed at this time of year, but the park itself remains open. There are picnic tables and rock outcroppings a-plenty to sit on! We didn't see any whales (wrong time of year) but there were plenty of boats out and lobster pots were easy to spot from our vantage point atop the rocks.

Hardy souls can climb right down to the water's edge. (Caution: warnings abound that the waves can be pretty severe along the coast. Climb at your own risk.)

Given there is no one around, you are definitely on your own once you begin climbing. Cell phone service is nil.

We love the coastal regions of Maine that look like this. Sure, the beaches are great, but THIS is what typifies Maine. And on a clear, warm day in November, what better place to be!

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