Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Project List for January, 2011

Here's our January list of projects. Sometimes the projects run over into next year, so if any of this sounds familiar, now you know why!

  1. Replace the 2-knob shower fixtures with single handles.
  2. Decoupage the nightstands in the Winthrop Fogg & Bowdoin. (They're a little plain the way they are.)
  3. Paint or refinish the window sills in the Bowdoin.
  4. Revamp the Lillian to remove the twin bed and add a sitting area. (Not happening until March.)
  5. Paint our space.
  6. Remove carpets in our space.
There are a couple of other projects we're 'thinking' about. If we go with them, I'll let you know. Or, better yet, it can be a surprise next time you visit!

First project is underway:

new shower handles
Here is Rock in the first shower.
dremel toolsHe is using his brand new Dremel bit to cut out where the new handle will go. Slow and steady, this will take a little while to get all the showers done.

More photos as work progresses.

And I got started on my projects as well!

Here's the setup for the decoupaging project. The tools of the trade.

The first nightstand is waiting for the last coat of ModgePodge. After that comes a topcoat to prevent water damage. I have a test board that I'm trying different finishes on. Hopefully, I can go with something easy like Turtle Wax instead of having to poly the tops.

Tomorrow I will set up an 'assembly line' to do the other 3 that go in the Bowdoin. The 2 nightstands in the Winthrop Fogg I am going to paint before decoupaging. I've never been fond of the color so now is the time to dress them up!

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