Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just found this on the web...a video of Rock riding a Segway around the driveway. It takes a minute to download and be sure you have the sound turned on!
Check out the new proposed 'Village Center' for Freeport, ME

Plans for new construction are set to begin in January. This is certainly an exciting proposal for Freeport. Lots of new shopping and dining along with a 550-car parking garage.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

This may seem like pushing the season a bit but we are starting to fill up for weekends in November. We're trying out an exciting new package this year especially for friends who like to do their Christmas shopping together. (It also makes a fun couples' getaway as well!)

We're calling our fun getaway the 'Christmas Wrapping Party' and it works like this...

Stay with us one or two nights (or more!) in November or December and we'll present you at check-in with a shopping bag full of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, scissors and tape along with popcorn and a disposable camera for fun picture taking and a $10 gift certificate for LL Bean all part of the Christmas Shopping Party package to help you get your presents wrapped before you get home to the Christmas 'peepers'.

Foil those pesky little peepers who always know what their gifts are in advance! Buy your gifts in Freeport and wrap them before you go home.

Spend time with your best friends shopping and then come back and get to wrapping, talking, eating popcorn and taking fun photos of your special time together.

Packages are available for one or two nights, weekdays or weekends. Slightly higher rates apply for holidays and events (Thanksgiving, Sparkle and Christmas weekend).

You must book this package in advance so we can prepare your shopping bag of goodies!

It is becoming very obvious that summer is coming to a close. We still have 80 degree days but the quality of the light is changing as it does coming into autumn. The evening temperatures are dropping into the high 40's and it is taking a little longer to warm up in the morning.

The leaves on the less mature trees are starting to turn. Just took a drive out along the Kennebec River and you can see the reds and oranges starting to show up interspersed with the still green leaves of the more mature trees.

Keeping in mind that peak foliage in Maine is still about a month away, it is time to think about planning a getaway to enjoy the crisp fall days. Maine foliage is beautiful but it is over quickly once the colder winds and rains blow through in the waning days of October.