Monday, May 12, 2008

Freeport Cabaret Opens! Nightlife Comes to Freeport

This weekend was the grand opening of the Freeport Cabaret on Depot St. Finally, nightlife comes to Freeport! I had the opportunity to speak with the owners, Gar and Betsy, as well as the 'host with the most,' Mike.

Gar has some terrific ideas for the space. Just looking at the calendar for the rest of May, I see open mic nights, jazz nights and a lot of local talent. We spoke about dance classes so everyone can get out there and shimmy, comedy nights and the great combo of local and 'imported' acts that Gar wants to bring in. It sounds great to me!

The menu is short and sweet (no pun intended) and includes light appetizers like the yummy fruit and cheese round we had at our table and a dessert list that last night included an Oreo cheesecake, strawberry rhubarb pie and blueberry pie. The menu is posted online, so be sure to check out the great food, 'Lobster Martini' anyone? [A quick update here, the menu has now expanded to include dinner from 6-8 PM, cocktails from 5 PM on. Happy Hour at 5 PM, perfect spot to unwind while waiting for the better half to be done shopping!]

There is a full bar as well as a decent wine & beer list.

It's an easy walk there and back from White Cedar Inn and, as there is limited parking, it's a good idea to leave the car here when you're a guest and stroll through town. We are really happy to see this upscale, fun venue in town. We danced, we laughed and we met new friends. All in all, a great evening. Pick up a coupon here for a discount on your dinner and cover charge for the shows.

There's a lot more on tap and the summer schedule is looking good! The Cabaret opens at 5 PM and the shows start at 8. Phone: 207-865-1780 for more info. 5 Depot St, Freeport, Maine.