Friday, November 17, 2006

Had a really nice surprise in the mail this week...we're in Everyday with Rachael Ray (Dec/Jan 2007 issue) AND in Down East magazine (Dec 2006).

We had been speaking with and corresponding with the folks at Everyday with Rachael Ray since September and were happy to see the article didn't get cut (check the YUM section).

The Down East article was completely a surprise. We thank them immensely for including us in their article on Freeport's Secret Shops. It's a quick little overview of some of the smaller, independent shops in Freeport that sometimes get overlooked in the shadows of the 'big' names.

There are not yet links to the articles online. I'll post them when they come up.

Hope you'll stop by and stay with us while checking out some of the folks in the articles...our favorite wine shop is in the Down East article...Freeport Cheese and Wine on Bow Street. And you don't want to miss Jacqueline's Tea Room on upper Main Street, 1 block north of us. Also mentioned in Everyday with Rachael Ray was Azure Cafe and their great ravioli, Cold River Vodka and, of course, LL Bean.

Down East highlighted 'local favorites' Earrings & Co, Pet Pantry, Freeport Knife and Thos Moser (all up at this end of town) along with some of OUR favorite restaurants, the Mediterranean Grill and Jameson Tavern. At the opposite end of town, Grittys, definitely a local favorite! For outdoor activities they highlighted Pettingill Farm (owned by the Freeport Historical Society) and Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park (a great place to snowshoe!)

Thanks again to the folks who put the articles together! If you have a chance, get the magazines and stop by to say hello!