Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We've been hanging out at Jameson Tavern on Sunday nights. The place is hopping, the beer is great and I've got a new favorite dish...Caesar Salad with lobster salad on top. Oh boy! There is enough salad here to take some home for lunch the next day. The Caesar dressing is just right and just enough. I am not fond of salad greens swimming in dressing so this salad is perfect for me.

With a nice glass of wine (Il Bastardo is what I opt for) and a look at the dessert list, it's a fun way to spend Sunday night after a busy weekend.

Rock still loves his lobster stew, although I did get him to try the lobster croissant this last time out. He really liked that as well. The croissant was flaky and it was piled high with lobster salad. The salad has just enough mayo to hold it together. Served with chips it's a great light dinner option. (Right, nothing 'light' about mayo, chips or a croissant, but it's certainly lighter than a 3-course dinner!)

We'll be taking the family out for dinner at Jameson Tavern next week when we have some of them here for Christmas. I know what I'll be having!

Merry Christmas!