Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Nation Vacation

It's not just a witty rhyme, it's a lot of fun! The '2 nations' in the title are Canada and the US. There are several ways to get to Canada from have 2 opportunities to take the CAT ferry- from either Portland or Bar Harbor or, you can drive.

We did this about 12 years ago. We had just sold our old house and were feeling a bit footloose and fancy-free. We couldn't move into our new house for several months and we just weren't looking forward to moving into the 'interim housing' we had arranged so off we went.

We called ahead to schedule a berth on the old Scotia Prince and packed a suitcase and headed for Maine (we were living in Vermont at the time). After the 12 hour trip (it's a LOT faster on the CAT), we arrived in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. With bagpipers playing, we disembarked and headed straight for the tourist info centre. We had NO idea what there was to see or do!

Inside, we found great help and decided we would follow the 'Lighthouse Trail' (we really like having a theme on vacation). With tour book in hand, we set off. We stayed at B&B's in several towns along the way, including Shelburne and Lunenburg.

Nova Scotia is obviously easy to get to via the CAT, but if you are driving, you can head to New Brunswick or Quebec City or Montreal.

Freeport is a great 'halfway' point if you are taking the CAT from Bar Harbor or are driving to NB, Montreal or Quebec City. If you are taking the CAT from Portland, White Cedar Inn is a great spot to stay the night before you board. Do a little shopping in Freeport and then head for Portland the next day! Stay here a few days after your return from Canada, too!

PS- Be sure to have ID for the border!

French Toast Faces

We have a book here called 'Play with Your Food'. It's a neat book that shows a variety of foods in novel ways. We haven't seen anyone playing with their food here in the dining room until a week or so ago. We got this pic in an email from a guest who was not only having fun on vacation, she was having fun with her food! Thanks Fannie, we love this photo!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Road Trip to the Montsweag Roadhouse

We feel like truants! On Monday we went out for lunch without the phone! Had a little downtime with some friends who we met up with at the Montsweag Roadhouse.

Now I have driven past this place for years and never stopped in. Hate to say it but I could never tell from the outside what might be on the inside. What a waste! All those years I missed out on the great menu, the fun ambience and friendly people.

The menu is long and eclectic. It was a tough choice but I finally picked the Strawberry Salad with Fried Goat Cheese and Sugared Almonds. I added salmon to the top. Yum-o! Rock had the Roadhouse Burger with sweet potato fries. Our friends had the Portobello Mushroom Sandwich and the Montsweag Steak Sandwich with, hold onto your hats, tater tots! Yes, one of the sides at the Roadhouse is tater tots. C'mon you remember tater tots, don't you?!

Next time I'm getting the fried calamari. I am making it one of my life's goals to try fried calamari wherever it is served. I'm looking for the perfect recipe!

So, if you are on Route 1 headed north from us, or on Route 1 headed south toward us, be sure to stop in and give this roadhouse a try!

Open year round, serving lunch & dinner, with music Friday & Saturday nights.
942 US Rt 1, Woolwich, Maine.