Friday, August 14, 2009

It's the little things that count

As everyone seems to be taking shorter vacations these days it can make your vacation time away seem all the more special by adding on a simple treat to your stay. If this is a birthday celebration vacation, we can have a mini birthday party waiting in your room! Cake, candle, a balloon, plates, cups & napkins for up to six will be set up for the birthday guest's arrival.

Or maybe this is an anniversary or other special romantic event? Our 'Inn-spired' romance package includes fresh flowers, sparkling cider and a box of Wilbur's chocolates.

For more ideas or to mix and match different add ons to create the perfect gift for your special someone, check our website for photos and ideas.

Halfway to Bar Harbor

No matter how far away you are coming from, Freeport, Maine is halfway to Bar Harbor. You might think it's only halfway if you're coming from around Boston, but not so! Think about it for a minute or two. You get in your car in Philly for the trip to Bar Harbor. You zip along on I 95, cruising past NYC, barely breaking a sweat in CT, stopping for lunch in MA and then crossing the Piscatqua Bridge in Kittery.

You get out for a stretch and a pee break at the tourist info center and you look at the state map. Holy moly you think to yourself, Bar Harbor looks like it's still quite a ways away. It's around 4 PM and you're now wondering if you want to drive the rest of the way tonight. Hmmm. It sure would be nice to stop somewhere, get a good night's rest and arrive in Bar Harbor fresh and ready for a noon time whale watch or a bike ride through Acadia National Park.

What to do? Stay the night in Freeport! Get in a little shopping, a little dinner, maybe some music at the LL Summer Concerts or at one of the many music venues in town.

Then, have a good night's rest at the White Cedar Inn, a terrific breakfast in the sun room and head out refreshed for the rest of the drive. When you think about it, there really is no reason to make yourself miserable driving all that distance in one day!

This little scenario works whether you started in Philly, Poughkeepsie or Albuquerque! It's a long day on the road, so break up the trip and see another side of Maine! It's not ALL about Bar Harbor after all!