Friday, February 18, 2011

Maine Beer Trail

Just sitting around wondering what would make another interesting tour for you to try on your next vacation. Yes, of course, the Maine Beer Trail! (Insert dope slap here!) Every state seems to have a winery map, but Maine, gotta love it, has a Beer Trail Map!

Created by the Maine Brewers' Association, the Beer Trail Map takes you all over the state from just across the Piscataqua River in Eliot north to The Forks on the Kennebec River and east to Bar Harbor.

White Cedar Inn is centrally located to 70% of the breweries, brew pubs and restaurants on the map! Of course, we don't suggest going to all of them on the same day!

Let's have a look at some of the breweries on the map:

Keep in mind the list above is not all-inclusive. There are smaller breweries around the state, breweries that are not open to the public and breweries that were not around when the map was created. Keep your eyes open and ask around- there are hidden treasures all over the state!

And, if you're thinking about it, this would be a pretty neat gift for the beer-lover in your life. Call us for a gift certificate for a stay and we'll include a copy of the map.

Always remember to taste responsibly!

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Kitchen Is Painted!

It's almost the end of our time off and now we're rushing to finish up with our jobs! One job we have finished is the kitchen painting. This is our own kitchen. (Now you know what it looks like!)

In the background you can see part of our dining room.

We stripped all of the wallpaper last year and you can see where we've had to patch and make repairs.

More photos when the dining room is done.

I was going to post some pix when we were done painting, back in Jan, but then we decided to put in new floors and rearrange the whole upstairs so the dining room is where the living room is now and vice versa, so it will be a little longer before we have new pix!

White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast 178 Main St Freeport, Maine 04032