Friday, August 31, 2012

Portland Head Light

portland head light portland, maine
Portland Head Light
Portland Head Light was first lighted in 1791, 4 years after monies were appropriated by the Massachusetts legislature to start construction. The light has been a beacon to the port of Portland, Maine ever since.

portland head light tower portland, maine
Portland Head Light

beach to beacon finish line
Portland Head Light Cape Elizabeth, Maine
There are multiple vantage points for taking photos of the light. These pix show 3 of them. It is also possible to get photos from a variety of tour boats that go out around Casco Bay.

The park at Fort Williams is open year round from sunrise to sunset. (Both of those are perfect times for great photos!) There are picnic areas, a playground and a small beach along with hiking trails for a full day of relaxation and family fun.

A short drive from here you'll find Twin Lights Lobster and The Good Table Restaurant.

A little farther away is Crescent Beach. 1 mile of sandy beach, restrooms, picnic area. As you drive along Rt 77 you'll notice a large 'START' line painted on the road. This is the beginning of the beach (Crescent) to beacon (Portland Head) 10k that is run every year in August. Beach to Beacon race info here

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Travels with Mom

parker head rd phippsburg, maine
Parker Head Rd in Phippsburg

Had a great time the past 2 days traveling around the countryside with my mom! (Dad went off with Rock to Owl's Head Transportation Museum and got a look at the cars from the New England Car Auction awaiting transportation to their new homes. Rock would live at OHTM if he could!)

Mom and I hit the lighthouses. I had a list of ones that I wanted to see and it turns out mom wanted to see them, too. Of course, we also went to Popham Beach! Even though the weather was a bit stifling yesterday, there was a great breeze on the beach. Both mom & I find the beach to be our 'happy place'. And it seems it has moved on to another generation as one of the grandkids (great grandkid!) also would spend his time on the beach with a book and some chocolate.

A couple of pix from our adventure...

shore birds at popham beach, maine
Popham Beach

doubling point lighthouse on the kennebec river, maine
Doubling Point Lighthouse

If you are a lighthouse fan, or just like to get out near the water, be sure to ask for our lighthouse guide to get directions! Mom did a great job as co-pilot using the guide.

Mom - my co-pilot

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grape Cake

I will admit that 'grape' and 'cake' are not exactly two words you'd expect to see in the same sentence, much less as an actual cake combination! And yet, into the fray I go...
grape cake
Grape cake
I love to scour magazines for interesting recipes and then tweak them to suit the way we cook and serve. This one is adapted from Alexandra Guarnaschelli's recent recipe in Food Network Mag.

Without further ado...


One box yellow cake mix, prepared as listed on box. (I make 2 cake rounds but you can make it in a square baking pan as well.) If you have time, make the cake from scratch, it's always better that way.

2 cups seedless red grapes, sliced in half (you can mix 'n' match red and green but don't use all green)
1/2 c honey
1 1/2 tbsp candied ginger

For the grape mixture: boil the honey about 3 minutes until it is dark and thickened. 

boiling honey
Boiling honey
Remove from heat. Add the ginger and grapes, stir to coat. We let this sit overnight. The grapes give up some moisture and the honey loses some of its overwhelming sticky sweetness. Your choice- serve immediately or wait it out!

breakfast cake at white cedar inn
Grapes mixed with honey and ginger

Slice cake and drizzle grapes and honey over the top, sides and on the plate. Serves 16 with 2 cake rounds.

grape cake at white cedar inn
Grape cake (atop our new 'cancelled stamp' tablecloths)
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