Maine A to Z

Taking an alphabetic look at Maine, one letter at a time. More to come, check back soon!

A is for Alewives - view these sea-going smelt as they return in May and June. Part of the life cycle is getting to Damariscotta Lake without being eaten by bald eagles, osprey and more.

              A is for Acadia (National Park)

              A is for Augusta - our state capital and home of the Maine State Museum.

              A is for Aquarium- small, hands-on aquarium in Boothbay Harbor.

B is for Botanical Gardens - 250 acres of manicured and wild gardens.

              B is for Boothbay Harbor - a lovely day trip to Boothbay includes Boothbay Railway Village.

              B is for Bowdoin College - check out the Bowdoin College Museum of Art and the Peary-Macmillan Arctic Museum.

              B is Birding - Great birding sites all over the state, including nearby in Freeport. Feathers over Freeport - annual birding fest in April.

C is for Casco Bay - that gorgeous body of water off the coast here is filled with amazing things to do.

              C is for concerts - summer concerts at LL Bean!

D is for Desert - the Desert of Maine, right here in Freeport.

               D is for DownEaster - take the train to Freeport.

F is for Fairy Houses - build one of your own or just take a walk through a fairy village!

              F is for Fort - and Maine has a lot of them!

K is for Katahdin - Take a peek at the 'Greatest Mountain'
O is for Owl's Head - take a short walk through the Owl's Head State Park with gorgeous views of Rockland Harbor
S is for Sculpture - sculpture around the state: wood, granite, metal, ice and sand
W is for Whale Watch - fun activity for the whole family.

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