2015 - Our latest project was having the outside steps redone in October. We had a bit of torrential rain in September that washed out a little section under the stairs, causing the bricks on the far right to come loose. Altho Rock got them patched up again we thought it was time to look into having everything redone completely.

Here are the results:

Old stairs

New stairs
We very much recommend Richard Harris Carpentry. He did a wonderful job, was very clear on what he was going to do and he listened to what we wanted.

New in 2014- here are the changes we did in January.

We're always renovating something around here! Oh the joys of an old house. Take a look at some of the things we've done...

This is our 2007 dining room & kitchen renovation:

The renovation is complete! Here are the before and after shots side by side. Scroll down to see the whole process in action!
And now it's a new year (2008) and the renovation process starts anew! The Lillian Randall room is getting a new queen bed (no more double bed!) and fresh paint in the bathroom. The wallpaper has been stripped and it's just a matter of picking out the new colors.

Other planned reno's this year are finishing up all the trim painting, new shower heads in all the bathrooms, new toilet seats (OK, that's something I bet you weren't expecting, but, heck, why not!), some new artwork on the walls and, hopefully, stripping and sanding the 2 first floor rooms. More pix from the new work to follow! Stay tuned.


Dining room facing east.
New wallpaper, ceiling fan and hardwood floors.



Dining room facing west.
New linoleum in the entry.



The new 'coffee bar'.
Much easier to get that first cup of joe in the morning! Underneath is the new guest fridge with ice. In the background is the private inn kitchen. Sorry, no guests allowed in the private kitchen area!



Long view from the dining room.
Off to the right we still have the comfy chairs for early morning chats with Rock.

The project in photo detail is below...
Starting January 2, 2007, we will be renovating the dining room and reception area. Taking into account the many observations, helpful comments and needs of the guests we've had here for the past two years, we worked with an interior designer to come up with a plan to make your stay here more enjoyable.
The renovation includes new flooring in the dining room and reception area and all new wallpaper throughout. The floors in the hallway and living room will be stripped and refinished.
We'll be posting photos here on a regular basis, starting with the 'before' shots. Check back often starting in January to see the progress unfold.
We hope you'll want to see the finished product in person!

Starting the wallpaper

Prepped for wallpaper

Wallpaper going up

Some assembly required - the flooring

Laying the dining room floor

New floors in

Sanding the living room

Floors refinished in living room

Prepping for linoleum

Prepping kitchen for linoleum

Rolling the linoleum

Installing the new light fixture

Installing kickplates

Painting the cabinets

Fixing the dishwasher

Will add more photos for the newer projects we're working on!

Casco Bay Room renovation - take a look at the before and after photos!

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