Monday, December 24, 2007

Popham's not just for summer!

Maine driftwood

We've made it a tradition since we moved here to go to the beach on Christmas Day and New Year's Day (and as many other winter days that we can get away!). We're not the only Mainiacs who do this! Quite often, parking is down the road and around the corner, there are so many people on the beach.

Today, Christmas Eve, it was a bit quieter. We were almost the only walkers on the sands. We arrived as the tide was going out so not late enough that we could walk out to the Fox Islands. That is always a highlight of the day!

Lobster buoy
There is something very calming about walking near the ocean. The pounding surf has a way of driving out the little voices that are always niggling at me to 'coulda, shoulda, woulda'. The wind was so strong today I could lean right into it and be held up!

Because of all the rain last night and the full moon tonight, the tide line was very high up on the beach. There was quite a bit more erosion, too, than we are used to seeing.

Popham Beach is our favorite beach to go to with Bre. Dogs are welcome from Nov 1 - Mar 31. Leashes are required. Another great beach to walk on is Ogunquit Beach, but that's a tad far to drive. Popham is 30 miles from here, about a 45 minute drive. There are no amenities to speak of, so if you want food and drinks, we suggest stopping here in town before you head out.

A walk on the beach is good for the soul.
Merry Christmas

New Year's Eve in Freeport, Things to do for the whole family

December 31, 2012-

It's that time of year again, where did 2011 go?

If you're looking for a fun, laid-back way to spend New Year's Eve, Freeport is your place! Check out LL Bean's end of year celebration with family activities galore.

Fireworks are at 6 PM along with a hot cocoa toast.All day activities for kids and families from 11 AM to 6 PM.
Rick Charette is playing his brand of family friendly music and leads a kids countdown.

If dining out is your pleasure, there are several great New Year's Eve venues in town, including Azure Cafe, Broad Arrow Tavern, Buck's BBQ for a swinging good time, Petrillos and more.

And don't forget a New Year's Day walk on the beach! It's our favorite way to celebrate the New Year!

All of the fun is an easy walk from the inn. Celebrate in style with an overnight getaway. Make a reservation now!

Wherever your plans take you we hope you have a wonderful celebration!

White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast 178 Main St Freeport, Maine 04032

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wolfe Neck Woods or, there's more to Freeport than shopping!

Finally got the chance to take advantage of the snowfall! 23 inches of it, more or less.

Sorry to say, the snow that fell on Sunday last was blanketed by about an inch of sleet. Doesn't make for good x-c skiing or snowshoeing, although it makes for wicked fast sledding!

The 6 or so inches of snow that fell Wednesday night-Thursday morning covered that up rather nicely, giving a really deep base, even in the woods. After we finished picking up this morning, we threw the snowshoes in the back of the car, yelled for the dog and off we went! And believe me, we don't have to yell twice for the dog when she sees the snowshoes.

We decided to go to Wolfe Neck Woods State Park, just about 4 miles from here. I love walking through the snow and then suddenly coming out onto the shore. It's just such a treat!

We took about an hour today to trek through the north and westerly trails. Tomorrow we'll be back out to try the easterly trails.

Although not true at this time of year because only the access road and parking lot are plowed out, Wolfe Neck Woods Park is wheelchair accessible during the spring, summer and fall. The Casco Bay trail (the pic above is taken from just off the trail) is a fairly even and level trail. There are markers warning where the trail becomes too steep for wheelchairs.

If you have never snowshoed, take my word for it, if I can do it, so can you! If you can walk, you can snowshoe. The trails we hit today were easy. No really long or steep hills.

Bre just loves leading the way. Being a smart dog, if we decide to go off and break our own trails, she lets the humans go first and follows along in our tracks.

Right here, though, she's just waiting for us to catch up to her. The park does require leashes and pet cleanup so be sure you have a leash and some scooper bags before you head out. When we arrived today we were the only car in the parking area so we kept the leash at the ready but let her roam around a bit.

There are picnic tables set up along the way on many of the trails, especially the ones along the Casco Bay and Harraseeket River. Pack along a picnic lunch with some cheeses and crackers, apples and nuts and a nice bottle of wine. And if you're the romantic type, it would be a beautiful setting for a marriage proposal!

Other trails we have in mind for this winter are Pinelands, Bradbury Mountain and Winslow Park, all between 10-20 minutes from here. It's the perfect way to spend the afternoon in the winter. We try to get out around noon so we're back before the sun disappears!

We went back to Wolfe Neck on Saturday. Took the Harraseeket Trail, the Old Woods Trail and part of the Casco Bay Trail. The trails in this set of loops are a bit steeper and more in the woods, so a lot of trees to go around if you are on skis. We stuck to the snowshoes, blazed a few trails and got lost a couple of times when we found ourselves dead-ended at private roads. We marked up our trail map pretty well so we won't do that again!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sarah's in Wiscasset

Part of our little getaway last week included a stop for lunch at Sarah's in Wiscasset. For those who don't yet know, Sarah's is on the right hand side of the street as you approach the bridge. (Red's Eats, of course, is on the left side!)

We'd never eaten there before so it was a fun treat to 'discover' a new place. Sarah's is very 'down home'. There is nothing fancy about it at all. We had the corner window seat so we had a view of the river as well at Rt1. Perfect!

For those who are lobster purists, read no further...we had lobster salad. Neither of us was up for a whole lobster so we went with the lobster roll (WOW! what a great roll the lobster roll comes on. Holy cow, it was huge!) and the lobster pot.

The lobster pot is served in a hollowed out bulky roll (huge) with broiled cheese and tomato. I ordered a side of potato salad. (yum!) We filled out the lunch with a couple of sodas as we were driving back to Freeport. But, Sarah's has a nice wine and beer menu to choose from.

I know there are those who just want to wait in line at Red's. But, if you're standing in the blazing sun and you don't have to have the lobster roll at Red's, just cross the street and head inside to Sarah's. Her lobster is fresh and her prices are good. You won't be disappointed!

(Note: Sarah's is open year round, Red's is seasonal.)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and environs:

Pemaquid Point Light
Pemaquid Point Light

We took a quick break this past Monday and Tuesday and headed up the coast to Damariscotta.
(Need a place to stay up there? The Tipsy Butler is worth a look!)

Of course, when in Damariscotta, you have to take Rt 130 out to Pemaquid Point. This is the lighthouse on the Maine State quarter. I've wanted to head up this way for a long time. I've heard the crashing ocean waves on the rock outcroppings are pretty fantastic. We were there at low tide on a beautifully calm day, so the crashing was at a minimum. Great for us because we got to climb down on the rocks and get some great pix!

The lighthouse proper is closed at this time of year, but the park itself remains open. There are picnic tables and rock outcroppings a-plenty to sit on! We didn't see any whales (wrong time of year) but there were plenty of boats out and lobster pots were easy to spot from our vantage point atop the rocks.

Hardy souls can climb right down to the water's edge. (Caution: warnings abound that the waves can be pretty severe along the coast. Climb at your own risk.)

Given there is no one around, you are definitely on your own once you begin climbing. Cell phone service is nil.

We love the coastal regions of Maine that look like this. Sure, the beaches are great, but THIS is what typifies Maine. And on a clear, warm day in November, what better place to be!

White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast 178 Main St Freeport, Maine 04032

Environmental Leadership Certificate awarded to White Cedar Inn!

We are very proud to have received the State of Maine Environmental Leadership Certificate in Green Lodging. We have worked very hard to bring green products and ideas into the everyday workings of the inn. We hope you have a minute to read through the press release. When you are here, be sure to take a look at our 'Green Hint of the Month' where we list one very easy 'green' thing you can do at home. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions to us along the way, we look forward to more helpful tips next time we see you!

(Freeport, Maine)- White Cedar Inn was awarded an Environmental Leadership Certificate in Lodging from the State of Maine on November 2, 2007.
The Certificate is awarded to those businesses showing leadership in implementing pollution prevention practices in daily operations.
White Cedar Inn is the first Bed and Breakfast in Freeport to achieve this distinction.
The husband and wife owners of the inn, Rock Nadeau and Monica Kissane, have changed several aspects of the day to day operations of the business to use more ‘green’ and environmentally aware practices.
"We sort trash," say the owners. "It’s not the most glamorous part of the day, but we’ve been able to reduce our trash pickup to twice per month from once per week. We have also included an environmental impact statement in our guest room books to show guests what we are doing. These are simple, easy steps most anyone could use in their own home. Even if someone says they don’t believe in global warming, everyone is looking for ways to save money."
The process to obtain the Environmental Leadership Certification includes a self-assessment workbook which allows the business to highlight their areas of expertise and to focus future conservation efforts on projects with the most impact on reducing environmental impact and increasing the bottom line.
"It really gave us a place to focus our continuing efforts," says Ms Kissane. "We had a lot of help from Peter Cooke, Program Manager for the state, in helping us find sources for green cleaning products. We originally started looking at green products when our summer housekeeper started bringing natural cleaning products with her to work. She said they were better for her health and the health of our guests."
Mr Nadeau concurs that taking small steps has helped already. "We have reduced water consumption by almost 10% by taking quick, inexpensive steps to reduce water leaks. We use an HE (High Efficiency) washer for the linens. There are always small projects that can have a high impact on savings and that also reduce energy and water consumption without sacrificing creature comforts."
The owners are working now to switch from incandescent to CFL bulbs throughout the inn. With this project in the works and having already put timers on many electrical appliances they expect to see a reduction in their overall electric consumption and cost to the business.
White Cedar Inn is a seven room historic B&B just north of the downtown shopping district in Freeport, ME.

Friday, November 02, 2007

LL Bean Hunting and Fishing store opens in Freeport

Went to the gala opening of the new LLBean Hunting and Fishing store just behind the main store in Freeport. It's a beautiful new building that is reminscent of an old hunting lodge, complete with leather chairs, fireplace and library filled with books and information (and a big screen TV!)

In keeping with a long tradition of the Maine woodsman and sportsman to conserve resources, the new store was built with salvaged timbers from the demolition of the old shoe factory buildings where the outlet store used to be. The construction company in charge of the project was able to recycle 95% of the construction materials, an all-time record for Pizzigalli Construction.

For anyone awake at that hour, there is a free hunter's breakfast at the new store on Saturday morning (Nov 3) at 4:30 AM.

Something that intrigued me was the indoor archery range. There was quite the crowd in there so I'm going to head back at another time to check it out.

Upstairs is a bridge spanning the width of the mezzanine. To one side of the bridge I saw a well laid out fly tying table. This is sure to be a hit!

Even if hunting and fishing are not for you, it's worth a walk over to the new building just to see the 'riverbed' fish tank. Unlike the pond in the center of the main store, this new wall-mounted live display has a 'bubble' built in where kids (and flexible adults) can pop in to see the fish swimming all around their heads. And there were some beautiful fish in that tank! Even if you're not into fishing, these are beautiful fish just to look at. Oftentimes we don't think of river fish being colorful or beautiful as tropical fish, but they are extraordinary!

Part of the evening's festivities was a great selection of hor d'oeuvres and local brews. And a wonderful $25,000 donation by LL Bean to Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to complement and continue their programs for children, families and women to learn about hunting and fishing.

Now that this store is open, more development is set for Freeport...the construction trailers are in place to begin groundwork for the new 'Freeport Village Station' shopping area (the first 4 tenants announced last week...Izod, Geoffrey Beene, Calvin Klein and Van Heusen). This also means the LL Bean outlet will soon migrate back to this end of town and Buck's Naked BBQ will begin their migration to the old outlet, bringing with them plans for nightly entertainment!

Wow! The joint is jumpin'!

White Cedar Inn Blog gets recognition!

The White Cedar Inn Blog, 'A little of this and a little of that,' was selected by American Historic Inns/ as their bed and breakfast blog of the week during the first week in November (2007).

To quote from the reviewer:

Why we like this blog: This blog offers enticing activities and large compelling photos that are the eye candy to keep me scanning through. Mentioning gourmet progressive dinners and showing close-up photos of the cuisine has my mouth water and showing the path to Bradbury Mountain with the bright green canopy over the leaf-strewn path made me hear the crunch of leaves and want my foot on the path.

Peer recognition is always a great thing!

We were also contacted by Fido Friendly magazine for showcasing in their January issue. More details as we get them. Hopefully I can link back to the article!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First tenants announced for Freeport's Village Station

Quoted from the press release:

Berenson Associates, Inc., developer of Freeport Village Station, Freeport’s newest retail development, is kicking off its leasing program with a group of four retailers who are the first tenants to sign leases with this lifestyle center style complex.
Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation has entered into leases for four of its premier outlet stores – Calvin Klein, IZOD, Van Heusen and Geoffrey Beene. They are the first retailers to sign with Freeport Village Station.
The 120,000 square foot multi-level complex, at the corner of Main and Mill Streets in the shopping mecca’s downtown, is expected to include between 30 and 40 retail factory outlet stores and restaurants, two elevators providing handicapped accessibility, a 550 car parking garage, and other public amenities.

...The new development will bring a state-of-the-art shopping experience while maintaining the Town’s character. Preparation at the 3.6 acre site is underway. The former L.L.Bean factory store has been demolished. Site work is expected to begin in November and construction will follow immediately thereafter.

...The project is expected to open in the spring of 2009. A portion of the parking garage is expected to be open in late 2008.

More exciting development in downtown Freeport! The parking garage is expected to be free and some of the new development project is expected to be one or more restaurants.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The View from the Top...Bradbury Mountain

Today I just couldn't stay inside any longer! Right after breakfast Bre and I headed for Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal. If you've never been there, it's 6 miles from here and a fairly straight shot. And now that the Pownal Rd is newly paved, it's not only a straight shot but an easy one, too. Although most of the state parks are 'closed' for the season, access to the park is simple. You drive up to the gatehouse, deposit your park fee in the green can and head on in. Of course, paying is on the honor system, but c'mon, you've got 3 bucks, put it in the can!

There are trail maps right there at the gatehouse so be sure to pick one up. There is a large trail map there as well. There is another map at the start of the Northern Loop but I didn't see any other maps after that. All trail intersections were well-marked.
Bre and I took the Northern Loop to the Summit Trail. The Northern Loop is a fairly easy trek in the proper shoes. Not a flip flop trail unless you're 16 years old. If you can walk up Mill Street (the street Yankee Candle is on), you can do this!
Stop along the Northern Loop Trail to check out the feldspar mine (up a steep incline) and the cattle pen (alongside Rt 9). The trail meanders through the woods along Rt 9 for about a half mile, then takes a turn away from the road. I'm looking forward to this trek on snowshoes in the winter.

Stop at the Bluff for a lookout over the treetops, but don't be fooled, this isn't the TOP. You've still got another .4 miles to go. And you definitely want to go to the top! This is where the far view gives onto Casco Bay. You can even see Portland from this vantage point.

Bre and I decided to take the Summit Trail back to the parking lot. OK, this is not a trail you want a dog to pull you along! It's pretty much straight down and only levels off as you near the bottom!

This was a great mile or so hike in the autumn woods. And I can see where it will be fun in the winter on snowshoes or x-c skis.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gourmet Progressive Dinner

November 2 - 3, 2007

This very special event features two nights in one of three historic Freeport Bed and Breakfasts: White Cedar Inn Bed & Breakfast, Brewster House Bed & Breakfast or Kendall Tavern Inn Bed & Breakfast plus a gourmet progressive dinner on Saturday evening.

Arrive Friday afternoon and enjoy all Freeport has to offer in shopping, sightseeing and dining. Saturday morning a delightful breakfast awaits at your host inn. Spend the day on your own antiquing or hiking in one of our beautiful waterfront parks.

Saturday evening promises an enchanting get-together with fellow B&B-goers as you sample a buffet of specially chosen hors d'oeuvres at White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast before proceeding to Kendall Tavern Inn Bed and Breakfast for the main course prepared by Azure Cafe's chef. The main course is followed by decadent desserts prepared by Jacqueline's Tea Room and served at the Brewster House Bed and Breakfast.

Pricing for this special event is $449 (includes two nights' lodging for two, gourmet progressive dinner, breakfast each morning, B&B tours, taxes and tips). A deposit of 50% is required for this event. (refundable until 2 weeks prior to the dinner)
Please see the Gourmet Progressive Dinner Package on our website for more details. We have only a couple of rooms remaining for this fun dining opportunity!

Ghost Walk through Freeport B&B's in October

Wow! Where has the time gone! It's almost October and here I am just telling you about our Ghost Walk on October 19 & 20.

The Ghost Walk will take guests on a guided tour through the three Inns. At each Inn, Eddita will listen to the spirits who have remained with the house and relay what the spirits are telling her about the house, the times in which they lived and about themselves. Each Inn tour will last one hour.

Also included in the weekend is your stay at the inn and a special dinner at Jameson Tavern with Eddita leading a Q&A.

Two of the inns are already filled for this great weekend. Please give us a call for more info and we hope to see you in October. 1-800-853-1269

Heeeeere's Cooper!

For those patiently waiting for an update on the he is in all his glory...Cooper Lee. He was 7 lbs 14 ozs at birth but is now topping the scales at almost 9 lbs!

Of course, the whole family was on hand to greet him when he came home...all his siblings, tails a-waggin', were waiting for their new little 'brother'.

Coop has already got mom & dad wrapped around his adorable tiny little finger. They don't stand a chance!

We went with them to see where Alicia works at the gym and he wowed everyone there as well.

No shortage of minders when he goes to work with mom!

The weather was beautiful when we went to visit. A lull in the blazing heat, cool evenings and clear, crisp days. It was a great (short) break.

Here he is with his 'brother'.
There'll be plenty of friends to play with, no doubt about that!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blue Angels over Brunswick

The Blue Angels are coming to Brunswick NAS this September 15 & 16. The show is free and Maine Eastern RR is running a special train from Rockland to the Naval Air Station. More info about the show is available at the Great State of Maine Air Show website. For train schedules check the Maine Eastern RR website.

We are located about 10 miles from NAS, a quick drive from here to Brunswick.

Just a quick preview of an upcoming event we are planning October, just before Halloween, we are planning with 2 other B&B's to host a Spirit Walk with medium Eddita Felt. She will take guests on a guided tour of the inns from the perspective of the spirits who speak to her at each inn. The weekend will include 2 nights' stay at one of three participating inns, the Spirit Walk through each inn (about 1 hour at each place), dinner at Jameson Tavern and a Q&A session with Eddita during dinner. There will be more information on the website as we firm up the details. October 19-20, 2007.

In November we are hosting a Gourmet Dinner and B&B Tour with 2 other inns. This weekend includes 2 nights' stay at one of the inns, breakfast each morning, a progressive dinner starting here and moving on to the other inns, a tour of the participating inns and all the amenities each inn offers. November 2-3, 2007

The inn is quickly filling up for Labor Day weekend. Don't miss the last 2 LL Bean concerts of the season...Bela Fleck on Saturday and Natalie MacMaster on Sunday!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thos Mosher Company buys 2 Main Street houses.

Thos Mosher Cabinetmaker Co has purchsed the 2 houses at the corner of Main Street and West Street. (Formerly the Button Store and the Psychic Center.) The buidings are being readied for removal from the site and will be relocated elsewhere in Freeport to be used as homes once again.

Walking by yesterday was interesting to say the least. The back roof and second floor of the 'Button' house was on the ground in the parking lot between the 2 buildings. (These buildings are across the street from China Rose and Sakura restaurants.)

I'll have to bring the camera tonight and get some pix to post.

Thos Mosher has not revealed what the plans are for the site. More about that as info becomes available.

There's a new eclectic boutique on Main St in the former Foreside building. HJ Beausoleil carries jewelry, home decor and art. The renovation of the space is very well done. It is bright and airy inside, altho, I do miss the flower boxes on Main St!

LL Bean concert this weekend is Great Big Sea, a Celtic rock band. We're popping down to see them around 7:30. Next weekend, August 18th is the Indigo Girls.

Don't forget that Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is open for tours on Saturday from 10 AM-2 PM, weather permitting.

Hope you're enjoying your summer in Maine! The light is changing and the days are getting shorter, plan to spend some time here soon!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Buck's Naked BBQ signs on for new, larger location

Next April Buck's will begin renovations on the old Dexter Shoe Outlet (presently the LL Bean Outlet store) to move their special brand of BBQ to a new location. The new location will allow them room for a new nightclub venue, something Freeport definitely needs!

Until the new location is complete, you can still find Buck's on Rt 1 South, just across from the Big Indian.

This Saturday night it's Arlo Guthrie at the LL Bean Summer Concert Series. Additional parking and a shuttle bus are available on Lower Main St at the LL Bean corporate office parking lot. This is one show we are definitely looking forward to. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Freeport Chocolatier, Wilbur's, to expand

Wilbur's Chocolates has purchased a new location in Freeport. In the summer of 2008 they will begin the migration of their production, retail and warehouse facility from the present location on Independence Dr to the new location on Rt 1 South, just a few feet away.

Also joining Wilbur's in the new location is that great brownie-making team at Simply Divine Brownies. A third 'foodie' company, as yet unannounced, will also share the space.

Wilbur's has won numerous awards for their chocolates and Simply Divine Brownies were selected to supply the 'sweets' for the Academy Award gift bags.

The businesses will be adding up to 45 new jobs in the course of the next two years.

Be sure to stop in at the Wilbur's factory on Independence Dr on Tuesdays in August for a factory tour ($3). Simply Divine Brownies is presently located in Fort Andross in Brunswick.

Monday, July 16, 2007

LL Bean Summer Concert Series- 2007

Portland Symphony Orchestra is on the marquee for this Saturday's LL Bean Summer Concert (July 21). So far we've been to the Robert Cray concert on the 4th and had great seats for the show and the fireworks.

And don't forget...the Yarmouth Clam Fest starts on the 20th!

Freeport Village Center Shopping District

Demolition is well under way at the site of the old LL Bean outlet store (new store is on RT 1 South, just past Desert Rd). The cranes have been onsite for a few weeks now but the demo really took off last week. This photo is from July12. Several old hewn timbers are being 'rescued' from destruction.

When this demo is completed and construction begins, Freeport will be making way for a new shopping area with a 550 car parking garage. No news on what stores will be occupying the new space. So far we've heard there are 2 anchor stores and then smaller, boutique-type shops in between.

This will still be outdoor shopping. Kind of exciting having all this new construction going on!

The Fourth of July parade was, once again, a great start to the holiday! Spectators lined the streets from north to south as many Freeport residents brought out their 'flivvers' to drive through town. And not to be outdone was The Boot!

Taking it all in on the sidelines was 'Parade Dog' outfitted in her stars and stripes and wishing just one of those kids would throw some candy her way. (She did get a small piece of chocolate from Wilburs, always a crowd favorite on parade day!)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The new Leon Gorman Park will be dedicated on July 4 at 11:45 AM. Following the dedication and speeches, there will be entertainment for the whole family. Here is an overview plan of the park. (2.19m file in .pdf)

Make a whole day of it in Freeport on the 4th! Start with the LL Bean 10k at 7:30 AM, have a pancake breakfast at St Jude's Church (7-10 AM), watch the parade on Main St at 10 AM, walk to the park dedication on Bow St (just past the Bow St Market), do a little shopping or kayaking, boogie to Robert Cray at 7:30 and enjoy fireworks after dark.

A complete July 4th package in one small town. What are you waiting for? Make your plans today!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Cruise around Casco Bay to Eagle island. Lots of fun! This is the view from Admiral Peary's study looking north.
The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens had their grand opening on June 13. It is now the largest botanical gardens in New England.
The Penobscot Narrows Observatory on the bridge is now open.
We'll be out trying some more restaurants so be sure to check back to see our 'reviews'.
LL Bean Summer Concert Series- You've got to be here this summer for at least one of these great shows! All shows are outdoors and subject to change or cancellation (due to weather). This Saturday (June 23) it's 'Ricky Nelson Remembered' with The Nelsons.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

LL Summer Concert Series starts tonight! First up is Feufollet with Cajun style Zydeco music.

This summer is looking to have a great line-up of musical talent. The concerts start at 7:30 PM are free and outdoors. (Severe weather may cause cancellations!)

Most of the concerts are on Saturday night, but there are shows on July 4, 5 & 6 as well. Line up an entire Fourth of July celebration in Freeport with the parade at 10 AM, concert at 7:30 PM and fireworks at (around) 9 PM. In between, head to the shore or sign-up for an LL Bean Walk-On Adventure ($15).

If you are staying here on July 3rd, be sure to eat breakfast early and head out to the front porch (or pull up a chair right on Main St) and watch the parade with us.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Kennebec Tavern and Marina was the site of a 'meeting of the minds' as we met up with innkeeper friends for a night of comraderie. The view from the dining room is fabulous and it looks as if the deck is progressing quickly. A warm summer night on the deck over the river will be the perfect setting for dinner!

We had the potato leek soup for starters and it was yum! I had the salmon special with smashed potatoes and it was done perfectly. The others in the group had the broiled haddock with fresh veggies, the pasta del mar and the sasanoa chicken. There were no leftovers to take home to the dogs!

Our waitress, Sharon, was a hoot. The drinks were done just right and all-in-all it was a wonderful night out with friends.

The Kennebec Tavern is located on Commercial Street in Bath.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bug Light, Spring Point Ledge & Portland Head Light

Bug Light
Bug Light

Bug Light, Spring Point Light and Portland Head Light are the three lighthouses we went searching for yesterday.

Bug Light has a flat, grassy park that was perfect yesterday for kite-flying and general lolling around in the sun! There is an outdoor museum there dedicated to the Portland shipbuilders whose efforts in the 1940's launched dozens of Liberty Ships bound for the war theaters of WWII.

There is a walking trail around the outer edge of the park and you can walk right out to Bug Light and enjoy the brisk breezes and great vantage point to watch ships and pleasure boats in the Casco Bay.

To get to Spring Point Light you drive right through the campus of Southern Maine Community Technical College. Parking is limited on the waterfront. Handicap parking is available.

Walking along the grounds of Fort Preble we came to the entrance to Willard Beach. Looks as if you could climb across the rocks to get to the sandy beach area but only at low tide. It's an easy enough drive around to the beach from the fort.

It is possible to walk along the granite block breakwater out to Spring Point Light. Great spot for relaxing and taking photos. From Mid June thru Oct 11, Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is open on Saturdays for tours (weather permitting). Hours are 11 AM to 3 PM. $5 entry fee supports the lighthouse preservation trust.
Portland Head Light
Portland Head

After Spring Point we headed to Cape Elizabeth and the Portland Head Light at Fort Williams Park. On a clear day you can see out to Ram Island Light as well. Great trails in the park and, of course, great photo ops of the lighthouse and incoming ships. Cruise liners are frequent visitors to Portland and photographing one of those coming in alongside the lighthouse is a great opportunity.

Ram Island Ledge
Ram Island Ledge Light

We headed back to Freeport and stopped along Commercial Street at Becky's Diner for a late lunch. I'd been wanting lobster roll all day and opted for that selection on the menu, along with curly fries. The lobster roll comes with cole slaw and pickles and a toasted bun. The lobster meat was plentiful and lunch really hit the spot.

We recommend this 'lighthouse tour' for a great day out. Take a picnic lunch (great sandwiches available at the Olde World Deli in Freeport), your camera and a Casco Bay map and make a day of it!

White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast 178 Main Street Freeport, Maine 04032

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The renovation is well underway! All the old wallpaper is gone, the flooring has been removed and assorted 'little' projects have been completed.

Yesterday and today the new linoleum was put in. So far so good! Tomorrow the hard wood goes in and I'm waiting to see how that will match up with the linoleum.

You can use this link to see up-to-date photos and progress.