Saturday, May 13, 2006

A bit of rainy weather here this week. According to the paper we've had 5" of rain since the beginning of the week. WOW! All the pollen is pretty much off the trees and it's not blowing around which is good.

There are 2 robins nesting on the grounds. One has built right in the tree outside the dining room window and is fiercely guarding the (empty) nest against all comers, including the chipmunk that lives under the porch.

The other nest is around back on the end of a ladder we have hanging on the side of the building. This one has a robin sitting on it and I'm going to try to peek over the edge of my deck to see if there are eggs.

The lawn is quite green and the hostas have come up about a foot since the rain started.

Start thinking about making reservations for the Freeport Fourth of July celebration, July 1-4 and the Maine Lobster Festival, August 2-6.

Happy Mother's Day!

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