Monday, July 16, 2007

Freeport Village Center Shopping District

Demolition is well under way at the site of the old LL Bean outlet store (new store is on RT 1 South, just past Desert Rd). The cranes have been onsite for a few weeks now but the demo really took off last week. This photo is from July12. Several old hewn timbers are being 'rescued' from destruction.

When this demo is completed and construction begins, Freeport will be making way for a new shopping area with a 550 car parking garage. No news on what stores will be occupying the new space. So far we've heard there are 2 anchor stores and then smaller, boutique-type shops in between.

This will still be outdoor shopping. Kind of exciting having all this new construction going on!

The Fourth of July parade was, once again, a great start to the holiday! Spectators lined the streets from north to south as many Freeport residents brought out their 'flivvers' to drive through town. And not to be outdone was The Boot!

Taking it all in on the sidelines was 'Parade Dog' outfitted in her stars and stripes and wishing just one of those kids would throw some candy her way. (She did get a small piece of chocolate from Wilburs, always a crowd favorite on parade day!)

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