Friday, August 10, 2007

Thos Mosher Company buys 2 Main Street houses.

Thos Mosher Cabinetmaker Co has purchsed the 2 houses at the corner of Main Street and West Street. (Formerly the Button Store and the Psychic Center.) The buidings are being readied for removal from the site and will be relocated elsewhere in Freeport to be used as homes once again.

Walking by yesterday was interesting to say the least. The back roof and second floor of the 'Button' house was on the ground in the parking lot between the 2 buildings. (These buildings are across the street from China Rose and Sakura restaurants.)

I'll have to bring the camera tonight and get some pix to post.

Thos Mosher has not revealed what the plans are for the site. More about that as info becomes available.

There's a new eclectic boutique on Main St in the former Foreside building. HJ Beausoleil carries jewelry, home decor and art. The renovation of the space is very well done. It is bright and airy inside, altho, I do miss the flower boxes on Main St!

LL Bean concert this weekend is Great Big Sea, a Celtic rock band. We're popping down to see them around 7:30. Next weekend, August 18th is the Indigo Girls.

Don't forget that Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is open for tours on Saturday from 10 AM-2 PM, weather permitting.

Hope you're enjoying your summer in Maine! The light is changing and the days are getting shorter, plan to spend some time here soon!

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