Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sarah's in Wiscasset

Part of our little getaway last week included a stop for lunch at Sarah's in Wiscasset. For those who don't yet know, Sarah's is on the right hand side of the street as you approach the bridge. (Red's Eats, of course, is on the left side!)

We'd never eaten there before so it was a fun treat to 'discover' a new place. Sarah's is very 'down home'. There is nothing fancy about it at all. We had the corner window seat so we had a view of the river as well at Rt1. Perfect!

For those who are lobster purists, read no further...we had lobster salad. Neither of us was up for a whole lobster so we went with the lobster roll (WOW! what a great roll the lobster roll comes on. Holy cow, it was huge!) and the lobster pot.

The lobster pot is served in a hollowed out bulky roll (huge) with broiled cheese and tomato. I ordered a side of potato salad. (yum!) We filled out the lunch with a couple of sodas as we were driving back to Freeport. But, Sarah's has a nice wine and beer menu to choose from.

I know there are those who just want to wait in line at Red's. But, if you're standing in the blazing sun and you don't have to have the lobster roll at Red's, just cross the street and head inside to Sarah's. Her lobster is fresh and her prices are good. You won't be disappointed!

(Note: Sarah's is open year round, Red's is seasonal.)

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