Monday, December 24, 2007

Popham's not just for summer!

Maine driftwood

We've made it a tradition since we moved here to go to the beach on Christmas Day and New Year's Day (and as many other winter days that we can get away!). We're not the only Mainiacs who do this! Quite often, parking is down the road and around the corner, there are so many people on the beach.

Today, Christmas Eve, it was a bit quieter. We were almost the only walkers on the sands. We arrived as the tide was going out so not late enough that we could walk out to the Fox Islands. That is always a highlight of the day!

Lobster buoy
There is something very calming about walking near the ocean. The pounding surf has a way of driving out the little voices that are always niggling at me to 'coulda, shoulda, woulda'. The wind was so strong today I could lean right into it and be held up!

Because of all the rain last night and the full moon tonight, the tide line was very high up on the beach. There was quite a bit more erosion, too, than we are used to seeing.

Popham Beach is our favorite beach to go to with Bre. Dogs are welcome from Nov 1 - Mar 31. Leashes are required. Another great beach to walk on is Ogunquit Beach, but that's a tad far to drive. Popham is 30 miles from here, about a 45 minute drive. There are no amenities to speak of, so if you want food and drinks, we suggest stopping here in town before you head out.

A walk on the beach is good for the soul.
Merry Christmas

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