Thursday, April 16, 2009

Freeport Village Station - Update

Update (Apr, 2009): The scheduled opening date for the Freeport Village Station is May 16, 2009.

Stay up to date with what stores are coming and what events are planned by checking their website.

Joan Benoit Samuelson will be the guest of honor at the opening of the Nike Store. Stop by at noon on May 16!

Other stores planning to open on or near that date are: the newly renovated Cole Haan, Van Heusen, Oakley Vault, Calvin Klein, Sunglass Hut, LL Bean Outlet, Coach, PacSun, Izod, Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster Roll and Brooks Brothers.

Really new news is that there is also going to be a 6 screen movie theater. Wow!

I'll be taking a few more pix in a couple of days so you can see the difference between these pix and what it looks like with the sidewalks in and the walls in place. It's really starting to look neat! We had the architect staying with us a few weeks ago and he's optimistic that this will really take off as a vibrant village shopping center.

Still waiting for who the new 'big' restaurant will be.

Old news-

Construction on the Freeport Village Station, the new downtown area shopping and dining center is proceeding quickly. With an opening date tentatively set for May, 2009, things are really shaping up. The parking garage on the lower level may be opening this winter!

Part of the plan, seen in the photos below is for a new restaurant on Mill Street, next to the Mallett Building (the brick building in the photos). Standing in the street to take these photos (what I won't do so you can visualize the new shopping area!) I am facing the southern end of the shopping/parking garage. Petrillos Restaurant is to the right behind the colorful insulating facade of the building.

The new shops we've heard are going in include the Van Heusen/Calvin Klein family of shops. Until contracts are signed, no other stores can be revealed...stay tuned!

We've been talking about this for a few years now, but there will also be a train coming into Freeport in the not too distant future (2010). You'll be able to hop on the train (Amtrak Downeaster) in Boston or Rockland and head straight to downtown Freeport. We hope you'll decide there's so much to see and do here that you'll stay the night (or 2) and make a little getaway for yourself!

The Freeport Village Station is just across the street from LL Bean, so still only a short walk from White Cedar Inn. Where the new train station will be located has not yet been finalized. When it is, we'll let you know.

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