Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall foliage in Maine and other sure signs of autumn

Leaves are falling on the first day of autumn. Not too many, but we have had a few weeks of little rain so some of the trees (the ash, aka gutterus clogus, for example) are just letting go of their leaves. Looking out the window today, I spotted our favorite chipmunk looking back. He has the best view from the top of the bear's head. You may see him watching you while you eat breakfast!

Some trees have started changing color and the reports are that this should be a fabulous show this foliage season! The combo of the excessive rain (OK, it seems it was good for something!) and the heat at the latter part of the summer should provide a spectacularly colorful season this year.

Some of the best color can be viewed from the top of Bradbury Mountain. On a clear day you can see the ocean in the distance. It's a short drive from White Cedar Inn, about 5 miles.

Another great option for color is along the Androscoggin River. Take a boat ride from the Maine Maritime Museum. Or, opt for the mail boat from Portland. New in Freeport this year is sailing aboard the Nimbus, a wooden sloop berthed in South Freeport. Any of these options would be an excellent way to see the color from the water.

If you don't have your sea legs, there are many excellent drives along the coast and in towards the lakes region that will have you quite breathless with the show of leaves. Just driving from here to Pineland Farms is beautiful. Stop at the cafe at the farms and have a locally-grown lunch!

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