Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Osprey Nest at Taste of Maine in Woolwich, Maine

When we drove by today, there were 2 osprey either circling the nesting site or perched atop the post at the far end of the Taste of Maine restaurant parking lot in Woolwich (just across the bridge from Bath).

In the backyard the other day, I watched 3 turkey vultures taking an inordinate amount of interest in my neighbor's chimney. They were perched on the top, looking in. BAD spot for a nest!

Here are links to a couple of websites that track the nesting osprey in Woolwich. Both have the same webcam which is not live at the moment but seems to be taking still shots once/week. Maybe now that the osprey have been sighted, the camera will be back on live. Also included is a Maine birding blog and a link to the Bald Eagle Cam blog.

Woolwich Osprey Cam Blog
BioDiversity Research Institute
Birding in Maine Blog
Bald Eagle Cam Blog
Peregrine Cam

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MaineBirder said...

It's good to hear that the Osprey are back at the Taste of Maine! If I remember right, I think the nest was not used last year. Thanks for the links!

My wife and I watched a pair of Osprey repair a nest off Old Bath Road in Bath over the weekend.