Sunday, January 01, 2012

Maine Christmas Bird Counts

Christmas Bird Count Freeport Maine Cardinal
Today (Jan 1) was the day for the Freeport-Brunswick area to complete the Christmas Bird Count. I got a cardinal at Winslow Park. Of course there were a lot of ducks in the water around the park, but because I don't know a wigeon from a widget, suffice it to say they were brown ducks and let it go at that. I really need to go out with someone who knows this stuff!

Of course, I also saw a cockatoo but it was perched on someone's shoulder so I don't think it counts toward the CBC!

Gorgeous day out there, the park was packed. Hope we get a few more like this before the snow comes.

For more information about the Maine Christmas Bird Count (CBC) check out the Maine Audubon website.

Happy New Year! 

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