Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blueberry Jam

We be jammin'!

Maine low bush blueberries
10 lbs of low bush blueberries
 So, what am I to do with 10 lbs of low bush blueberries? Besides turn my fingers blue eating them? ;-)

Time for blueberry jam. I have made strawberry jam before- after picking the strawberries. It's a little easier to go to the farmers market and buy 10 lbs of blueberries! Especially these. Have you ever tried picking low bush blueberries? I had already purchased 4 pints of blueberries when I came across Kathy from Valley View Farm who lured me in with the 10 lb box. 

So, I put the 4 pints in my backpack and I carried the 10 lb box home. (Low bush blueberries do not do well in a backpack. I almost had blueberry sauce by the time I walked home. Those were the first into the pot!)

Rock got all my canning stuff out of the attic and away I went in search of my Ball Canning Jar cookbook. Alas, nowhere to be found. Ah, the internet is a wonderful invention. Came up with a lot of recipes, almost all using pectin, which I don't normally use. Finally found a good one using sugar and lemon juice.

low bush blueberries ready to boil
12 cups of blueberries ready to boil.

blueberry jam
The finished product- blueberry jam
I'm not giving a recipe for jam as everyone who jams has their own favorite way to do it. If you have the Ball Canning Jar cookbook, it's the best. I'm going to have to track another one down somewhere. The old one. Have fun!

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