Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After the Storm

surfers at Popham Beach
Surfing after Sandy
Decided to check out Popham Beach after Sandy. Even though we didn't have the torrential rains and excessive winds here, there were definitely some topographical changes at the beach. We noticed that all the trees and shrubs between the water and the changing rooms are gone and there are now concrete barriers in place to hold back the erosion. It's amazing that just a couple of years ago the changing rooms were a hundred yards from the high tide line and now the water laps at the very edge of the building.

A couple of surfers hit the beach while we were there. You can see Pond Island Lighthouse in the background. We watched them for awhile and they were constantly being swamped by one wave after the next, sometimes with barely the chance to take a breath. After 20 minutes or so they decided to come out and walk up the beach aways out of the cross currents.

Civil War cannon at Fort Popham
Remember- there's no such thing as an unloaded gun.
Heading back toward the car (we park down by the fort) Rock noticed this cannon up on the dunes. How many times I've walked by there and never seen it I can't count! You can see the fort in the background. Looks like the folks at Popham defending themselves against the folks across Atkin's Bay on Cox's Head. 

Next trip out there I'm going out to Fort Baldwin as well.

cannon markings
Cannon markings

You can see the markings here dating the cannon to 1865.

If you're headed to or from Popham Beach, there is an excellent historic drive from Rt 209 on Parker Head Rd back to Rt 209. Take your time through here and stop to see some graveyards from the early settlers as well as the alewives run and a couple of lighthouses along the way.

You can use this PDF guide from the Phippsburg Historical Society for more information about what you're seeing.

Along the way- Squirrel Point Lighthouse.

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