Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grilled Orange Croissant French Toast

orange croissant French Toast
Grilled Orange Croissant French Toast

Let's just start with yum!

Light and fluffy and with that buttery croissant flavor we all know and love, the orange croissant French Toast is a great 'breakfast in bed' treat.


2 large croissants
2 large eggs
grated zest & juice of one large orange (you will have some zest left over)
a splash of vanilla extract
a splash of orange extract
1/2 c whole milk (you can use any % milk you want)


Slice croissants open, set aside. Heat griddle. Whisk eggs, orange juice, orange zest, milk, vanilla & orange extract in a baking dish.When griddle is hot, grease with butter. Dip croissant halves in mixture, turning quickly. Place on griddle and grill until nicely golden, flip and grill other side. 

Arrange on plate with the croissant inside up. Serve with warmed maple syrup.

Serves 2. 

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Leanne Bartholet/Steve Olschewske said...

We enjoyed this fabulous dish during our stay in mid August and it was absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to try it at our home.