Thursday, June 06, 2013

F is for Fairy Houses

Maine fairy house
Fairy houses abound in the forest!

Mackworth Island fairy house
Fairy houses use all found, natural materials

fairy house in Maine
Fairies keep pesky mice in the jail house.

fairy house building
Bark makes a lovely decorative element!

natural fairy house
Uh oh, this little fairy has been tippling!

fairy house walk with kids
Lovely rooftop deck on this little house!

making a fairy house
Definitely an avant garde fairy lives here!
Looking for fairy house in Maine? Two of the best locations (outside your very own yard) are the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and this little spot we found on Mackworth Island in Falmouth.

Building fairy houses is fairly easy although that's no guarantee you'll get a fairy to come and live there. Fairies, although not excessively particular, do require a few basic necessities before they move in. 
  • Your fairy house needs to be protected from the wind (fairies don't weigh very much and they don't like being blown around). 
  • There should be bits of greenery (so the fairies can blend in if the cat comes nosing around). 
  • All the materials should be natural (fairies don't like plastic, but they do have a soft spot for little bits of sea glass).
  • They like a little walkway leading up to the front door (when it's raining they don't like to get their feet muddy). Small pebbles or seashells are wonderful for this.
  • A nice sturdy roof keeps them safe from owls.
  • Pine cones of various sizes are perfect for storing their little bits and bobs.
  • Kelp makes excellent flooring.
  • Because they are naturally eco-minded, fairies don't want you pulling apart living things. So only use twigs, leaves and bark that have already been shed by the trees. Moss is lovely for a little couch but moss is a living thing so shouldn't be used.
  • Fairies from different parts of the world have all different kinds of houses, what kind of house can you build with what you find in your neighborhood?
To see the fairy houses on Mackworth Island follow these directions - from the inn, go south on Rt 1 to Falmouth approx 15 miles. You'll pass the Gilsland Farm Audubon Center on the right. A little ways after that there is a turning lane in the middle of Rt 1. Just before the turning lane ends is the left turn onto Andrews Ave that takes you across the causeway to the island. There is a large green sign directing you to The Baxter School for the Deaf, this is where you turn left off Rt 1 onto Andrews Ave. (If you reach the Martin's Point Bridge you've gone too far.)

Stop at the gatehouse for directions to the parking area. The parking lot is VERY small, so visitors are limited. Entry fee is $3 for out of state over 12 years old and $2 for in state residents.

The entire trail is 1.5 miles. Fairy houses are in various locations (see if you can spot them!) but the 'Village' is about halfway around the trail. Beach access in a variety of locations all around the island. Great views to Portland.

fairy village sign

White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast 178 Main St Freeport, Maine 04032

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