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S is for Sculpture

Maine is filled with what a lot of folks think are 'quirky' people. It's a state where there are few 'big company' jobs so most people make a living doing a lot of different things. Some people think this is a tragedy. Others like the ability to do a multitude of jobs in a year. Yes, it's tough to make a go of it when you just don't know if there will be enough work at any given time.

When you live in a place like Maine (and there are quite a few places like this around the country and around the world) it's a good thing when you hit upon something you like to do that also earns you a living and makes it worth getting up in the morning. We should all be so lucky.

Sculpture is a tough medium. You're working with nature for the most part, or nature reinvented. Stone, wood, metal, sand, ice. Sometimes your medium is a 'forever' medium and sometimes it's gone with the wind or the rain.

Here are a few places in Maine to see sculpture on a massive scale. Along your travels I suggest stopping into the little out-of-the-way shops to pick up some Maine sculpture of your own. Small pieces abound in craft, jewelry and other hidden shops. Or, if you brought the truck, pick up a couple of these to take home!

Stemwinder Sculpture Gardens
Mushroom sculpture at Stemwinder Sculpture Gardens

After reading an article in the PPH, I took a drive to Warren to see Jay Sawyer's sculpture garden. He had not yet had a chance to get all of his sculptures documented so I was asked to only take pix of the mushroom. There is a gravel path that winds thru the property around a pond and along a shady road. Jay's raw materials line the road and are stacked and stored near the parking area. To see more of his funky artwork check out his own website - Jay Sawyer's Stemwinder Sculpture Gardens - and then take a drive!

Andre the seal - Rockport Harbor

From the book of the same name! Check out the granite sculpture of the famed harbor seal in Rockport.

Gilsland Farm Audubon
Crow sculpture at Gilsland Farm Audubon

Looking for a relaxing walk in the woods, along the shore and through the fields? The Gilsland Farm Audubon Center is only 20 minutes from here, straight down Rt 1.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Crystal ball at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Rebar fox at CMBG

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Buck at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
The rebar sculptures at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens were for sale when we visited so some of these might be gone.

The 'crystal' ball sculpture is along the river trail on the way to the fairy house garden. Sculptures in a variety of media are scattered throughout the gardens. It's easier to see them in the spring before you're distracted by all the flowers! Don't forget to keep an eye out on the drive in. There are animal sculptures keeping watch over the road, looking down from rock outcroppings.

And let's not forget the kitschy sculptures...

LL Bean boot sculpture

Berlin Wall on Long Wharf Portland Maine
Pieces of the Berlin Wall on Long Wharf in Portland

Lobster Kong Long Wharf Portland Maine
Lobster Kong on Long Wharf in Portland

And, some local sculptures from Sebastian Meade.These cool robots are made with recycled whatnot! See if you can pick out the different components... (Follow more Acts of Random Art here.)

For more places to see outdoor sculpture in Maine, check out the article from the Portland Press Herald that got me started! Maine Sculpture Tour Then get in the car and go!

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