Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day Trip - Bustins Island

Right off the coast of South Freeport lie several small, imaginatively named islands like Pound of Tea and Sow and Pigs. The largest inhabited island, Bustins, is completely seasonal. Residents and guests arrive during May and depart again in October. That's not to say the island isn't a happening place during those brief months! With its own Post Office (zip code 04013), store, library, community hall, golf course and sailing farmers market Bustins is a thriving summer community. (FMI and to find summer rentals or houses for sale, see the Bustins Island Community website.)

I hopped aboard the Lilly B, the island's ferry, with my friend Sue and we headed out to meet up with another friend for our weekly writing group. Always fun to combine work and pleasure!

The best time to head to the island is on the weekend when the Nature Center is open. As you can see in the map above, there is a road that goes around the island. It's an easy 2 miles walk along a dirt road. Stop along the way to take in the stunning views. It's best to bring along your own water bottles and snacks. Although this is not the wilderness, it's courteous to haul your trash away with you.

Enjoy the day in pictures...

Bustin's Island ferry Lilly B
Lilly B
Lilly B's Captain and Crew
Sailing class on the Harraseeket
Casco Castle on the Harraseeket River
Casco Castle
Bustin's Island cottages
Cottages along the west shore
Bustin's Island octagon house
Octagon House near dock

Bustins Island dock
Bustins Island dock
Bustins Island
Pumping water

Bustins Island
Red canoe

Bustins Island
Gardening with a sense of humor

Bustins Island
Relax, enjoy the view

Bustins Island
Maine scenery

Bustins Island
Lots of evidence the folks on Bustins are a relaxed crowd

Bustins Island
Love this use of old globes in a garden!

Bustins Island
Golf Course

Bustins Island
A perfect day
 The fee for the ferry is $24 round trip. (2014) Reservations are not required but you might want to check on weekends that there is room. Lilly B Ferry schedule. The ferry departs from the Town Dock in South Freeport, near the Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster. Be prepared to tell everyone on the ferry who you are, they're a really friendly bunch!

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Having photographed the island for almost fifty years it always nice to see new ones of the same old places. D. Jay Box 31, Bustins Island Maine or Box 1339 Groton, Massachusetts